This Month in Movies: New Releases & Awesomeness on the Big Screen

Well I am sure that by now many of you have already seen The Avengers, well if you haven’t you are missing out. This movie was awesome, it surpassed all my expectations and more. The cast was perfect and the characters were fascinating.  As a comic/cartoon lover and a big fan of super heroes I am already looking forward  to Avengers II. By the way, The Hulk stole the show!

These are some of the movies that I am looking forward to and a tease for those who still haven’t made their way to the movies to check Avengers.

The Avengers – Assemble!

Dark Shadows –  Comedy/Romance/Thriller?
(Based on the ABC soap created by Dan Curtis
that aired from 1966 – 1971)


The Road – Not to be confused with “The Road” based on a
Novel by Cormac McCarthy.

The Dictator – Stupidly Funny


Men In Black III – Finally Here!

Chernobyl Diaries – Zombies?

Well I am excited to see some of my old-time favorites coming back such as Men In Black. I am intrigued to see how Rihanna does on Battleship, if she is as good in the big screen as she is with her singing then there is hope. I am also quite happy to see Taylor Kitsch (such a hottie). Liam Nielson brings this cast together for what seems to be a pretty good movie. Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows brings his very peculiar acting skills into a story that promises to be funny and strange (as most of his characters). Sacha Cohen proves that stupidity has a funny side and well he brings us Dictator to prove it. Looking forward to watching The Road (the cast is unknown), it looks good. Chernobyl is the last movie I have listed and well, I just want to see what happens there. I hope it is not another of those movies where all the action happens in the dark and you can’t get to see anything.

In a discussion with my honey last night – I brought up the following, why isn’t DC Entertainment doing anything, I mean there isn’t even a reaction towards what Marvel is doing…what happened why do they take so long to come up with movies, Batman (in 2012) and Man of Steal (Superman in 2013) has only taken them FOREVER…I mean really. Why aren’t they keeping up with Marvel???? What I want to see is Justice League vs Avengers – work on that will ya? I thought we would be able to see by now some updates on the Justice League however, I read recently that and I quote “In January 2008, Warner Bros. announced the film was on indefinite hold, allowing options to lapse for the cast. The studio felt the script needed perfecting, which was impossible because of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike.” – Source:”

Which movie are you looking forward to watching?

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