The Shannara Chronicles (TV Spot) – S1:E1 & E2 Recap

ShannaraSo you are a fantasy fan, you read and watch anything Fantasy related, then if that’s the case you must read/watch The Shannara Chronicles. The Shannara Chronicles is the latest book to TV adaptation currently airing on MTV. I am not sure why MTV but fear not, it isn’t as cheesy as you may think it is.

The Shannara Chronicles is based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks. I have watched E1 & E2 and I have to say I have enjoyed it. The Shannara Chronicles follows 4 very different heroes throughout the Four Lands, these very different heroes are unique and each has a purpose which will be put to use when fighting the evil that threatens the world. Humans are not longer the majority, magic is believed extinct and trolls run rampant. The Shannara Chronicles is fantasy like you haven’t seen before.

shannara-chronicles-treeI didn’t read the books but I am hoping the adaptation is doing it justice. I have to say I like the premise and so far I have enjoyed these characters with the exception of the Elvin Princess Amberle. Sometimes I think she is forcing her character to be more dramatic than necessary, perhaps it is the actress and not the character itself, but since the series just started I am going to give her a break.

In episode 1 & 2 we meet the Elvin Princess Amberle, a stubborn and intelligent girl who finds herself breaking some rules and condemning herself in the process. She enters a competition designed to picked the order chosen, a group of elves who protect the Ellcrys. The Ellcrys is sort of a fortress, it is the only thing that keeps the demons at bait, each of its leafs represents a demon that has been locked away in the forbidden realm. Now that the Ellcrys is dying the these heroes must do everything necessary to kept the world safe.

Soon after she becomes a chosen things start to happen. Amberle experiences visions that show a humanity devastated by evil. This visions open Amberle to great danger and it is that danger that awakens the Druid (Allanon). A man with immense power, a power that will help destroy the dadga mor.  The Druid is no other than the sexy Manu Bennett. He is a joy to watch!allanon

We also meet Wil an half elf who just recently lost his mother and who learns he isn’t just a simple regular guy. Before Wil’s mother die, she gave him the Elfstones, stones that hold great magic, and that only manifest their magic when called by the Shannara.  Wil is totally adorable, his story is sad and though we don’t know much about him right from the start, I think his story will be epic. We learn his father was an elf who fought in the war of the races and the one who help destroy the dagda mor.

We also the human rover, Eretria. A girl who was brought up by a band of thieves who have only taught her how to survive by stealing and deceiving. I honestly like her character the most so far. She is resourceful, strong, intelligent and holds a bit if anger that makes her one of the most exciting characters thus far. shannara1008151280jpg-b6a5db_1280w

The Shannara Chronicles has a great premise, so far the characters as well as the story are holding up my attention and I am pleased to say I am going to keep watching. I am enjoying world in which these characters live, each of their story holds a certain appeal, each has a job to do and though they are all very different, it is their differences what brings them together to fight against an evil that promises the end of the world as they know it. There are other stories happening all around, Amberle’s love interest and his demise, Wil who seems to develop an attraction for Eretria & soon to be enthralled by Amberle. Druid who is the last human to hold magic powers and whose use of magic comes with great consequences. We also meet the king’s sons who each seem to have their own agenda and desires. I am really looking forward to see what each of these characters bring to the table.

Do I recommend this TV Show? I do!
Can’t wait to watch it? Go to MTV and start watching NOW!


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