The Half-Breed Vampire by @Theresa_Meyers – Review 3.5 of 5

Title: The Half-Breed  Vampire
Author: Theresa Meyers
Provided by publisher in exchanged for my unbiased review.
Price: $3.99 (kindle)$9.64 (paperback)
Where to buy: Amazon

Book description: Ignorant of his true heritage, half-breed Slade Donovan is fated to feel like an outsider among his clan. Until a mysterious woman arrives with the ability to unlock his secrets—and make him crave a future he never believed he could have…

As a game warden, Raina Ravenwing has only one mission in the Cascade Mountains: to hunt down a pack of rare wolves that is terrorizing her tribe. Her instant attraction to Slade is a distraction the beautiful wolf whisperer can’t afford, unless she agrees to let him help her. Yet working so closely together only intensifies their passion…even as the unfolding truth of Slade’s identity threatens everything Raina holds sacred.

Review: I enjoyed reading The Half-Breed Vampire. This is a short read but one that will leave you satisfied. The combination of vampires, werewolves and intervention of a mystical being made The Half-Breed Vampire a fun read. Theresa Meyers created a very interesting story by combining interesting characters, exciting story and kick ass action.

The Half-Breed Vampire is the story of Slade Donovan & Raina Ravenwing.  Slade is a half-breed vampire who feels he doesn’t belong, he doesn’t remember much of his past and how he came to being who he is, He does however remember wandering in the streets as a child, and being brought into the Vampire clan where he became part of the family.

Raina Ravenwing is a beautiful, intelligent and mouthy heroine. I enjoy her character very much. She is a cop and her clan’s “whisperer” and is destined to become the clan’s alpha female once she is mated to the clan’s alpha. Unaware of her true nature, Raina embark into an adventure that will test her loyalty and love.

Theresa Meyers did a nice job creating this modern scenario of vampires & werewolves & add to that a mystical touch. By bringing into the game the goddess of chaos (Eris), Meyers creates a story that keeps you turning page after page. Her characters are well-developed and the story flows nicely. Slade’s character is strong, smart and sexy yet sensitive. Raina Ravenwing is a cop with an attitude, and that totally rocks in my opinion. I like to see independent heroines and Raina Ravenwing falls under that category. Nicely done and a must read.

If you want a story that brings action, love, adventure and attitude The Half-Breed Vampire should be in your list. It totally deserves 3 ½ ♥ ♥ ♥ (hearts).

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  • This sounds like a good read, I just finished Silver Borne and the idea of weres and vamps holds high appeal!!!

    Kimberly (@kimbacaffeinate) 03/15/2012 1:21 pm Reply
    • It was a short and sweet read. Werewolves and Vamps make great rivals, their hatred for each others nature is usually quite entertaining lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      ReadingDiva 03/15/2012 4:24 pm Reply

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