Review: The Guardian’s Kiss (Samantha Brand Series) by Jamie Dougherty

Review: The Guardian’s Kiss (Samantha Brand Series) by Jamie DoughertyThe Guardian's Kiss by Jamie Dougherty
Series: Samantha Brand
Published by Self Pub Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Take a step into this world of Angels, Demons and a little something in between. A touch of faith and trust. And a woman finding her true strengths and doing anything she can to protect those around her. Ultimately finding out more about herself and her soulmate than she could have ever imagined.  What would you do if you had the survival of mankind weighing on your shoulders? Would you face your true identity? Or would you run and hide?

When Samantha’s sister is infected by a deadly virus. Samantha and her twin must face their deepest secret. One that they have kept their entire lives. When they are rescued by a handsome soldier Trent, Samantha senses something in him she feels she can trust. Little does she know, he has secrets, not even she could have prepared for. Will her destiny take her down the path that will save the human race? Or will it be too late? With ethereal gifts and a Guardian to watch over her, Samantha must remember who or what she truly is to save those she cares for the most.

My Review: Who thought a trip to the beach would bring hell on them? Samantha Brand is neither human nor angel; she is a creation with a touch of God’s divinity. What she really is; is still a mystery.

Samantha and Barb find themselves trying to escape a deadly virus believed to be created by the military and which was suddenly spreading throughout the west coast.  Samantha finds herself in a quest to save her life, her soul and humanity. To help her in the quest is Trent and H.B. (aka Coyote).  Trent is an angel sent by God to protect Samantha. H.B. is a shape-shifter who wants to become a Spirit Guide and whose purpose will be to guide souls to heaven, and add to the party a fallen angel named Dricus. It all comes together nicely to give you an action pack, funny and sexy read.

The Guardian’s Kissby Jamie Doughertyis a great story of love, good vs evil and survival. The interaction between good and evil in a modern world gives the story the necessary twist to keep you craving for more. The interaction between the characters, Barb who returns (reborn) as an angel, H.B. the hunk who turns into a Coyote and who has the hots for Samantha, Dricus a fallen angel who might be Barb’s soul-mate and Trent who is Samantha’s soul-mate keeps you turning pages, wanting more and wishing you had two hot guys protecting you at all times.

I definitely recommend The Guardian’s Kiss. I enjoyed,  I think it is just the beginning of a great series.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES!
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