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Consequences SeriesIt is not secret I am a huge fan of Aleatha Romig & her Consequences Series. Not only is this series one of the best series I have read in 2012/2013 it is also one of the best executed mind fuck of all times. The first two books Consequences & Truth hide within its pages a story of deceit, crime, abuse, and heart wrenching love. It is not a surprise that this series has cause tremendous feedback (good and bad) one can’t deny the intensity that one finds in these pages. Consequences, the first book in the series introduces us to a series  well-developed characters that makes us feel as if the drama is unfolding in front of our eyes. The way these truthcharacters interact with one another feels real, they speak to the reader, that in itself is not always found in many of the books and stories we read now days. Their complexity and their emotions fill us with unexpected feelings that one can’t always express. If you are like me, then you look for stories that fill our hearts with desire, passion and need, Consequences is intense and raw and at times overwhelmingly detailed.

What can readers expect from Consequences, readers can expect to find an extremely sexy and wealthy man, with control issues, with an amazing mind and highly intelligent, with an ability to manipulate others and be as insufferable and sexy as the devil himself. What’s behind Truth, this is a multilevel type of drama, on one level you have the deceit, a man who promises the world yet takes it away in a matter of a moment, then you have that same man on another level who promises love and fulfill every desire and erotic fantasy and who is able to bring Claire to new heights, then you have that same man on a whole different level whose past hunts him and forces him to be ruthless and unforgiving. While you see the many facets of Antony Rawlings it is at times difficult to like him. But under all that hard and almost indestructible façade there is a man who cares, who loves deeply and who is willing to accept defeat in the name of love.

Now that I have given you a rough idea of what the Consequences Series offer, let’s get to know Aleatha and what she has in store for us. Without further ado I present you Aleatha Romig…77de3581d7ab0ad8976f14.L._V401774362_

  • SR – Can we first start by learning a little bit about you?  What would you like people to know about you that we probably don’t know?

    Aleatha – Goodness, I think you know a lot about me! I love writing, I loathe busy work! I’m so far behind on the business side of this writing thing—that is part of why I just recently quit my full time job.
  • SR – Do you work another job when you are not writing?

    Aleatha- I did. Up until a week ago, I was a dental hygienist. I have been a dental hygienist for 26 years, the last 18+ in the same wonderful office. It was a very difficult decision to leave. I LOVED my office, my doctor, the staff, the patients! I just physically could not do both any more. I NEVER expected to be able to be a full time writer. To be honest, I’m shocked!
  • SR – What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing?AleathaSpend time with my family and friends. With my schedule the way it was, I rarely did anything besides write and work. I’m hoping to once again have a life.  I also LOVE to read and have fallen VERY far behind in my TBR list. That is another hope for my new schedule.
  • SR – 4 How long have your been writing? Was it a dream, a goal or is it just a hobby?Aleatha – I began writing Consequences in the fall of 2010. It was a dream! I’d always wanted to sit down and write fiction, but had never had the chance. I just started writing and honestly, without plans to publish. Now, here I am, three years later and it’s my new job!
  • SR – How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set routine or do you write when the mood strikes?Aleatha -I’m never not writing “in my head”; however, I don’t have a set routine. I write when I can. The problem is all of the other sides of writing. Everything takes so much time. I LOVE the interaction with fans and bloggers, but it seriously has decreased my writing time. Maybe I should make a schedule?
  • SR – Do you listen to music or do you need a quiet place to write?AleathaQuiet! I think the majority of Truth was written from midnight to 4:00 AM, because the house is quiet and I can think.
  • SR – Where did you get the inspiration or idea for this series?Aleatha-The idea for Consequences came to me one day. I imagined a woman held captive in this really nice suite. I started thinking about it and decided to write it down. (I read and watch some sick stuff) I didn’t know it was going to be a book or a series. Truly I let the story write itself.
  •  SR – Your series exploits a very dark and sensitive subject – domestic violence & psychological abuse. How do you respond to negative reviews?Aleatha – I don’t like them, but I understand. I KNOW my series isn’t for everyone. That said, I have received some of the most heartfelt emails from fans who themselves are victims of domestic abuse. I don’t think I would recommend my books to this audience, yet their emails have brought tears to my eyes. Repeatedly, I’ve been told how much they LOVE the books and LOVE Claire. It’s funny, people who have never been impacted by domestic abuse see her as weak. Those who are familiar, even remotely, see her as strong—she survived! That is the ultimate goal. I had one reader tell me that Claire’s actions in TRUTH did more for her than years of therapy! Those emails make up for a hundred negative reviews!
  • SR – What should we expect in Convicted – HEA?

    Aleatha – Oh, I don’t think I should answer that—you need to experience the journey for yourself. What I have told people over and over is when I’m asked the Tony vs. Harry question, my allegiance stands with Claire.
  • Many of us have a love/hate relationship with Anthony Rawlings, how difficult was it to craft such a strong and at times insufferable character?Aleatha – Surprisingly, at the time, it wasn’t that difficult. NOW, I’m working on a series of novellas that will be comprised of “significant” scenes from each book. Tony makes strides in the Consequences Series. To go back and write “in his head” during the Consequences time, is seriously pissing me off! He can make me so mad I have to stop writing! It makes me wonder how there could possibly have been Tony fans when only that book was available! I will also say—I subconsciously take on Claire’s moods. My husband will ask me what she’s doing, why am I being so “bit…y”. So, when things are good for her, I’m happy, when they aren’t, neither am I, yet I know where the story needs to go. Sometimes those writing decisions are difficult.
  • SR – What is your favorite book, who is your favorite author, what is your favorite genre–and why?Aleatha – Favorite book of all time, Gone With The Wind! I think that tells a lot about me. I loved and hated the ending! I mean seriously, Scarlet finally gets that Rhett is the man she loves, he loves her, and yet HE leaves! Ugg! But, I’ve never forgotten it! That is what makes a great book! I like all kinds of genres! I was huge into vampires, I love a good thriller. I like when I get to figure things out along the way and have a great “ah huh” moment! I’m definitely a fan of erotic literature/ I have preferences and places I refuse to go, but overall, I’ve found many enjoyable. It is so difficult to name my favorite author. There are just TOO many! And so many great books, no one should read just one!
  • SR – What is the next or current book/project you are working on? When can we expect it?Aleatha – Right now I’m working on Behind His Eyes—The Consequences Series Reading Companion.  It will be three novellas with significant scenes from each book, and some extra scenes—like before Consequences began, Tony watching Claire. I don’t have a release date in mind at this time.
  •  SR- Do you have any advice for other writers?AleathaNumber one—you won’t please everyone, so please yourself. If your own writing makes you smile, laugh, cry, mad…it will affect other readers in the same way.
    Number two—stay true to yourself. I was told over and over, you can’t…  Guess what, I did. My work doesn’t fit a genre, it treads into dark subjects…well, all I can say is that some people like that. Some readers are getting tired of cookie cutter books, same story, different names and places. Be bold!
    Number three—enjoy yourself! If you don’t it will show!
    Last—if you write a series, know that when you start. I didn’t. Making all the pieces fit was VERY time consuming and problematic…but worth it—I hope!

Thank you Aleatha for allowing this interview. Now that I have read Convicted I can tell you all that you are in for a treat. Aleatha has managed to give us an intricate, complex and deliciously written story that doesn’t fit the mold. It has broken the boundaries of romance, suspense and mind fuck. Be ready to fan yourself because it is steamy, thrilling and exhilarating!

Consequences Series

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