Spotlight & Giveaway: Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

If you are looking for a different type of Paranormal then you may want to add Shadow of Time to your paranormal reading list. What’s different about this book from others you may ask, the answer can be found on the reviews the books has gotten. Some reviews praise Time of Shadows as dramatic, moving & original – a total different type of story for anyone who is looking for a different paranormal twist.

Shadow of Time
Published: January 1st 2013

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All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship.

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams?

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you.



“Come on, car. Just a few more miles.” Hannah Darson sighed so hard she blew the

strands of dark-blonde hair from her face that had slipped out of her ponytail. She tightly

gripped the steering wheel of the old, gray Datsun, trying to relax her tense shoulders. Not

to mention the rest of her body – she could almost feel the frown on her lightly tanned face

settle in on her forehead permanently. Hmm. She was probably just too tired to

unwind, having been on the road since early morning, driving from Las Cruces to her

mother’s log cabin close to Lake Powell. All this driving was beginning to get the better of her –

she was completely drained. And hungry. Even more importantly, she was anxious – she was

practically out of fuel. And out of options. She hadn’t passed any gas stations for a while.

Hannah shot a nervous glance at the fuel gauge on her dashboard. It had been in the red

for some time now. The route through Navajo Nation hadn’t exactly taken her through densely

populated areas. And still the empty road stretched out ahead. Come on. Local people had

to get gas somewhere too, right? Had she missed something?

The road curved to the left, and suddenly Hannah spotted a small gas station next to the

exit to Glen Canyon Dam. Hallelujah! Danger of getting stranded without fuel averted.

“Whoohoo!” she shouted at the top of her voice, gunning her Datsun to the entrance of the

station. Nothing would rain on her parade now. Summer had started, her first year of teaching –

which she’d survived without lethal damage – was over, and she was going to spend July and

August here, in Arizona. Ben, her younger brother, was already waiting for her at the log

cabin in St. Mary’s Port. She’d missed the place.

The last time she’d stayed in their cozy little  cabin was four years ago, when she’d still been

together with Greg. Her ex-boyfriend liked the buzz of the big

city, and he had never really warmed up to this  place. Well, in the end, she hadn’t liked him

enough to stay with him either. She was a girl with a feel for village life, about to enjoy the

peace and quiet of St. Mary’s Port once more. Endless days on the beach and sipping drinks in

the shade of umbrellas lined up on the deck of the local restaurant were awaiting her. Plus, there

would be countless trips to the Navajo reservation. Lake Powell was bordering on Navajo Nation, so it was a

given to explore the reservation again. She and Ben even had childhood friends there.

Humming happily to herself, Hannah parked her car next to gas pump number two. “It’s

raining men!” she sang-shouted, blaring along to the song on her car stereo.

The guy standing next to pump number three was just done getting gas for his motorbike. He

looked sideways and his mouth curled up in a smile. The Datsun’s roof was down, so he’d

caught her shouting her lungs out. Hannah bit her lip. Damn. Her neighbor

turned out to be a total hottie. She shot him a look that lasted a tad too long, then blushed,

rummaging through her bag to find her money and pretend she’d already forgotten about him.

As if. Furtively, she looked him over again as he was strolling off to pay, helmet in one hand and

sunglasses on. Yup, this was typically her – scaring off the local hunk by being a total retard.

She rolled her eyes at herself. The motorcycle driver was clearly a Navajo

from the reservation. His red-brown skin was dark and offset by the white of his sleeveless

shirt. He had a small hair braid on one side, a turquoise bead and a red feather decorating the

bottom. That feather had to be the symbol for one of the local clans. Her once-best-friend on

the reservation, Emily Begay, also belonged to the Feather Clan. Emily should be about twenty-

one by now, just like Ben. Hopefully she’d run into Em this summer. Or into him, perhaps. She kept staring

at the Navajo motorbike owner as he entered the small building of the gas station. He had an absolutely

divine body. Oh well. She’d better stop drooling and daydreaming about meeting him again. In all

likelihood, Mister Local Hunk was going to stay far away from her, her incompetent vocal chords

and her desperate stares. Just to make sure, Hannah completely filled up her Datsun so she wouldn’t be

short on fuel anytime soon. When she was done, she went into the building and got in line for the pay desk.

There. The Navajo guy had just paid for his gas. He stuffed the receipt into the pocket of his

jeans and sauntered to the exit, passing the shelves with chewing gum and candy bars. And

then, out of nowhere, he looked her right in the eye. “Hi.” His voice was deep and beautiful and

just as impressive as his looks. He stared at her through his tinted sunglasses, a hint of a smile on

his face, like he was amused by some private joke. Hannah looked up at him dumbfounded.

Wow. He wasn’t blanking her. He was still talking to her. So maybe she should talk back.

“Um – hey,” she stammered feebly and stared at him all owl-faced. For a moment, it seemed he

wanted to say something more, but he didn’t. He just gave her another sunny smile before leaving

the building. Navajo Hunk started his motorbike and put his helmet on before tearing off at break-

neck speed. She groaned inwardly. Way to go with the conversational skills. Where was her language?

A comatose patient could have come up with more syllables than that. Hannah paid for the fuel, her face like

thunder. She sped the last couple of miles to St. Mary’s Port, praying there were no speed cameras installed

anywhere. If she didn’t get there soon, she would starve to death in her car or eat herself up out of frustration.

JenABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jen Minkman (1978) was born in Holland, in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. When she was 19, she moved between The Hague, Salzburg (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) and Cambridge (UK) to complete her studies in intercultural communication. She is currently a teacher of English, career counsellor and teenage coach at a secondary school in Voorburg, Holland. She tries to read at least 100 books a year (and write a few, too!). She is a published author in her own country, and translates her own books from Dutch into English for self-publication.
In her spare time, she plays the piano, the guitar and the violin. For every novel she writes, she creates a soundtrack.

‘I have always been drawn to writing. My first book was a sci-fi novel at the age of eight, which I painstakingly typed out on my dad’s typewriter and illustrated myself. Nowadays, I stick to poetry, paranormal romance, chicklit and/or fantasy. In my home country, I am the first-ever published writer of paranormal romance, and I will gradually make my books also available in English (seeing I have to re-write and translate the books myself, this will take some time!)

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