Short & Sweet – List of Great Reads

If you are looking for a short read this is the place for you. The reads below are listed by genre. This list does not reflect my reading preferences, but it serves a guide to great reads. Wondering how to organize your list, read “How to Create A Summer Reading List”.

Paranormal Romance

  1. Love Potions by Michelle McCleod
  2. Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella’s Story: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella by J.R. Ward
  3. Sanitarium by Patricia A. Rasey
  4. Shadow Touch by Erin Kellison


  1. Love & Wrath: The Beginning  by G.E. Johnson
  2. One Night Amongst the Stars by Emerald Barnes

Religious & Liturgical

  1. Revelations by Pamela Kay Noble

Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

  1. The Melting Man: A Short Story by Josh Patterson
  2. The Wizard Takes a Holiday by Red Tash (reviewed)
  3. The Twilight Child by Scott Fitzgerald Gray
  4. Passing the Narrows by Frank Tuttle
  5. The Silent Princess by Trista DiGiuseppi
  6. The Accidental Immortal by Trista DiGiuseppi

Mystery & Thriller/Suspense

  1. Fear The Dark by Patricia A. Rasey
  2. The Perils of Mann by Josh Patterson
  3. Hair in the Drain by Josh Patterson
  4. Becoming Quinn – A Jonathan Quinn Novella by Brett Battles
  5. Exposed – A Thriller Novella by Jack Kilborn
  6. Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes
  7. The Rumbling by Jeff Bennington (reviewed)

Suspense / drama

  1. Ivan Desabrais Phoenix Initiative by Ivan Desabrais


  1. Dead of Siegel City by Blake M. Petit
  2. Bloodday by Jason D. Bryant
  3. Click by Trista DiGiuseppi
  4. Tortured Hearts – A Collection of Twisted Tales of Love by A.J Armitt & Others


  1. To Summon A Demon by Lisa Alder

Science Fiction/Time & Space Travel

  1. Voyager and the Aliens by Cliff Ball
  2. Property Damage by Jason D. Bryant

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