Review: Throne of Deceit (The Wicked Crown Series Book 1): by K.N. Lee

Review: Throne of Deceit (The Wicked Crown Series Book 1): by K.N. LeeThrone of Deceit by K.N. Lee
Published by Captive Quill Press on January 31, 2019
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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Elise was born a bastard.
But, as the daughter of the king, her life has never been ordinary. While her mother serves as the king's mistress, Elise spends her days in the countryside, reading, practicing her spells, and learning to wield not only a staff, but a sword. Life is good, until the mad king threatens to destroy his own kingdom.

Having a wizard on the throne tends to keep the subjects of Giran quiet, fearful, and submissive, but when he dies, the line of succession points directly to his illegitimate daughter...

...the one who killed him.

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REVIEW: I haven’t dedicated much time to fantasy the past few years- and I mean truly dedicate a whole month to fantasy & fantasy writers. But in an attempt to make up for lost time and opportunities, I went out of my way searching for stories that would catch my eye – stories that would make me want to read and that’s where I came across Throne of Deceit by K.N. Lee. This is the first book I read by Lee and I promise you, it will not be the last.

The book starts by introducing us to Master Drefen a.k.a the Master Of Death and his intention to return to the world of the living. What follows after, is a scheme into how he will make it happen. But before we see his plan put into motion, we must learn who will be those willing to follow him, willing to obey and those willing to submit and die for him.

It is after the schemes are put in place, and the plan set into motion that we are introduced to Elise and her mother. Elise is the bastard daughter of a very powerful wizard king, King Caden of Giran. As the consort of the king, Elise’s mother does not get any preferential treatment, in fact, she suffers at his hand whenever he sees it fit and while it breaks her heart she stays with the king because it is the only way she can protect Elise.

As the bastard daughter, Elise’s life lacks glamour, lack accommodations and all the beautiful things the daughter of a king should be expected to have. Being the daughter of the king of Giran has only brought her isolation. For reasons unknown, the king keeps Elise behind the castle’s walls and does not allow her to leave with the exception of the solstice celebration. And it is during the solstice celebration, and it is inside one of the temples that Elise experiences the power of magic for the first time.  As the story flows, we get a first-row glimpse into the fantastic chain of events that set into motion the story of what Elise is to become. Then tragedy hits & Elise’s life is thrown off balance. But as we soon will see, Elise’s foes & enemies are not the only ones with a plan. Elise’s grandmother has secrets of her own and she shows & teachers Elise who she truly is. This new knowledge gives Elise unimaginable powers, but not without a heavy responsibility that forces Elise to put her vengeance into perspective.

The author did a fantastic job creating a beautifully detailed world, she created memorable characters and situations that put our imagination to work. The mistery behind Destan is also quite interesting, his origin still unknown, but one thing is obvious about him, his role in the story may be of major impact and his worth is yet to be known. Lee has managed to write a character that is both mysterious and engaging.

Throne of Deceit is a great introduction to the series, the story is filled with beauty and details. I am completely sold to the idea of magic, demigods, and all sort of creatures that may come into play as Elise’s story develops. From Elise’s mother immense sacrifice to Elise’s realization that Destan is a demigod and finally Destan finding his purpose, I can’t tell you how exciting this story truly is. Count me as a new huge fan of Lee’s writing. She puts the work in her writing and it shows. The story, the characters and the world she has created is beautiful and one I can’t wait to dive into once again.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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