Review: Summer’s End by Kristy Brown

Review: Summer’s End by Kristy BrownSummer's End by Kristy Brown
Series: Summer's End
Published by Muse It Up Publishing on July 24th 2018
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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She wakes up in hospital, badly burned with no memory. He’s been trained to kill her before she burns the world to ashes. When they finally meet, will he be able to take her life now that he’s started to feel for her? His fate is already written.
The prophecy is already set…
Love between them is forbidden.

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Summer’s End is the first book I read by Kristy Brown. The story starts with Summer waking up screaming, her whole body is burned and the agony and pain are felt down to her bones. She doesn’t know what happened, she doesn’t know how she got to where she is all she knows is that she wants to die.

As the story starts to unravel, we are then introduced to Summer friends. While Summer has no recollection of what happened to her just days ago, her friends do not leave her sight. Persia & Coral are inseparable friends who are always by Summer’s side. They are always with her, ready to protect her at all cost.

As the story continues to move forward we slowly learn more about Summer’s situation. She lost her memory or at least she believes that’s so due to the accident, slowly her friends try to fill in the blanks without giving much away and without exactly doing much effort to help her remember. They inadvertently deny her the possibility of going over the accident and how it came to be. She believes she lost more than herself in that fire, her parents, and so much more, she just doesn’t know what.

The author does a good job creating a certain level of mystery & uncertainty around Summer’s accident. What starts slowly soon develop into a conspiracy of friends trying to save her from the foe that stalks her, from the enemy that is much too close to Summer. We slowly learn what Summer’s destiny should be and what her purpose is,  how her life has been already pre-planned for her. However, as Summer starts to understand and question all that’s happening to her, she can’t deny there is something that has been hidden from her, a truth that could make all the difference in her life.

I enjoyed the story, while at times it was very slow, other times it picked up speed and we are given an interesting and at times twisted affair of power, high emotions and young love. The author did a good job of creating an intricate and complex relationship between these characters were emotions were high and actions had dire consequences. What slowly starts as a reaction between Summer & Alex, soon develops into a strong and complex attraction that has a strong backstory of love and destruction.

This story has a good mix of love, romance, forgiveness, betrayal & power hungry villains. The characters while are not necessarily extremely complex on their own, they bring a needed balance to the story by giving us glimpses into their emotions, wants and needs.

Summer’s End is a good start to the series, I am curious about what the author has in the works for these characters and for Summer once Alex starts his search for her.

Do I recommend this book? YES!
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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