Review: Sold To The Berserkers (A Menage Shifter Romance) by Lee Savino

Review: Sold To The Berserkers (A Menage Shifter Romance) by Lee SavinoSold To The Berserker by Lee Savino
Series: A Menage Shifter Romance
Published by Silverwood Press on April 19, 2016
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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I’ll never forget the first time I saw them, warriors moving like shadows from the trees. Their eyes seemed to glow with a fierce golden light, moving more like beasts than men. I trembled, every hair on my flesh prickled in the age-old response of the hunted. They were predators and I was prey. 

They entered the clearing and brought with them the smell of blood. Clad in furs and leather, bristling with weapons, they were warriors the likes of which I’d never seen. Huge, hulking forms, dark shapes pricked with those glowing pairs of eyes. 

I could not face them properly, for I was bound to a tree, in the middle of a wilderness, helpless as I waited to be sold to the Berserkers.

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Sold To The Berserkers is the introductory book to the series (Novellas) by Lee Savino. These three novellas have found themselves in my reading list and I couldn’t be happier.  Sold To The Berserkers introduces us to Brenna, a young woman who has been marked by a witch to be the one woman to break the curse put upon a group of berserkers that have been suffering for millennia. Brenna is mute as a consequence of an encounter with a wolf who attacked her when she was young and while she didn’t die, the attack had irreversible consequences and it ruined her ability to speak again.

Sold To The Berserker is short but it holds a nice plot that guides the reader to how and why Brenna ends up in the hands of the Berserkers. The story flows quickly and the reader is transported to a world of magic and sensuality that only a great shifter story can bring.

The series has been moving toward Brenna’s being sold and trained by the two alpha berserkers. They teach her the ways their mate should behave and what are the consequences if she disregards their teaching. For the Berserkers to being mated means being possessed in mind, soul and body. That’s how Brenna starts to enjoy what it means to belong to the berserkers. The story slowly transitions from being given to a group of men she doesn’t know anything about, to submitting to their every desire. While at times reluctant, Breanna soon understands she must submit in order to sate their beast as well as their desires to dominate.

The first book in this series is simply erotic and sensual, it introduces the reader to a world of magic, curses, sensual domination, sexual awakening and deep rooted sexual need that can only be sated by the heat and strong passion that two very sexy and hot alphas can provide. As these berserkers look for the one woman who will break the curse, they also feel at the brink of losing their humanity. As the Alpha of their clan, their job is to make sure they are able to provide, to maintain order and respect.

Daegan & Samuel must teach Breanna to obey while at the same time they fight the rage that threatens to overtake them. Sold To The Berserker explores Breanna, Deagan & Samuel story, the author does a great job giving us a very vulnerable set of characters without taking away their strength & intelligence.   The author exploits these characters vulnerability, emotions and feelings beautifully giving us an in-depth glimpse into their heart and while doing so, she manages to make the rest of the clan as important and relevant as the main characters.

This series just keep getting better, the sensuality in which it is written brings out all kinds of heat and emotions to the table.  I have enjoyed myself and I am sure anyone who reads this series will too. If you can’t wait to read it buy it now!

Do I recommend this series? YES YES YES
Can’t wait to read it? BUY IT now!

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