Review: Shifted Souls by Jamie Lynn Dougherty

Review: Shifted Souls by Jamie Lynn DoughertyShifted Souls by Jamie Lynn Dougherty
Series: Shifted Souls
Published by Self Pub Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Frankie was a wounded woman, who endured a marriage full of pain and fear. All that pain came to an end, when Frankie awoke one morning covered in blood. Now she must live with the sin of murder, and the knowledge that she’s more than just human. Whether it was the animal inside of her or her own subconscious, nothing could change the fact that Frankie murdered her husband. To make matters worse someone knows what Frankie has done, and they won’t stop until she’s paid for her husband’s death.

With the guiding hand of, Bo, a childhood friend, and her new werewolf family; Frankie will fight through the demons of her past, and bring an end to those trying to destroy her.

A story of love, healing, and redemption; Shifted Souls will reach the deepest parts of your soul, and make you root for the love that we all so deeply deserve. Can a broken person be mended by love? Can one soul be mended by another?

REVIEW: We all need a dose of Paranormal Romance from time to time, and what’s better than sweet romance between an alpha and his mate. When author Jamie Lynn Dougherty announced her new book I was excited to read it. I will admit to also being a bit apprehensive, I really wanted this story to have the same exciting and fresh flare that her other books had (Samantha Brand & Trinity Pierce) series.

Shifted Souls is the story of Francine (Frankie), a woman who was born with privilege and money but whose decision to leave it all behind for love cost her almost her very soul. Shifted Souls is one of those stories that start somewhat slow, it gives us the ins and outs of its main character, Frankie, a young woman who left everything she had for love thinking that her happily ever after was forever. Little did she know, the man who she promised to love and cherish would break her heart in more pieces than she could count.

The story developed slowly at first, Frankie is a tortured & abused woman who is not aware of what lurks inside her. She married her high school sweetheart and though things didn’t exactly pan out as she wanted she doesn’t give up on her relationship. She lives isolated and away from the father and the friends she grew up with. Frankie’s story explores the terrible damage and consequences of domestic violence, it shows us the fragility of the human soul when exposed to abuse from those who promised love and tenderness. However, things abruptly change when Frankie shifts into a wolf and put an end to her abuser making things a little more interesting. The twists and turns that follow add the suspense needed, making the story move a little faster.

While I understand Frankie’s indecision and at times lack of action, I can’t deny my frustration. She has the means and even the support she might’ve needed if she decided to leave her husband yet she stuck with him, taking his abuse not only physical but also psychological and emotional.  I think as a heroine she lacked the backbone I am used to seeing, and I can’t help myself but compare her character to others from Dougherty’s books.

I am a fan of Dougherty’s writing style, she create great stories with heart and passion. Her characters though flawed, they manage to capture the readers’ heart. She writes sensitive and compassionate alpha males, without taking away their strong and  dominant personalities that makes us fall in-love. Bo is one of those characters, his understanding and dedication to his pack and Frankie is admirable and extremely sweet, his admiration and love for her is what made me like him even more. He trusts her decisions and stands back in support, allowing her to make mistakes while also encouraging her to show and give her best.

I enjoyed their story, their relationship developed slowly which is something I enjoy in Dougherty’s books. She doesn’t rush or push her characters to extreme, she manages to maintain a believable pace at which relationships should develop, she usually gives them a strong foundation and admirable traits. I loved how they grew from friends to lovers, giving each other the support and respect needed to keep and maintain a strong bond.

Shifted Souls is a great story, one of second chances, passion and devotion and one that has set a strong foundation to more stories. If you enjoy sweet paranormal romance Shifted Souls is for you. Get to know their these characters and their story, each unique and ultimately likeable.

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