Review: Severed (The Alien Mate Index Series) by Evangeline Anderson

Review: Severed (The Alien Mate Index Series) by Evangeline AndersonSevered by Evangeline Anderson
Published by Evangeline Anderson Books on October 29, 2016
Genres: Romance, Sci Fi
Format: eBook
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Rylee Hale is having a hard time. As a new business owner just starting out on her own, she’s struggling to attract new clients to her paralegal business.
Then she attracts two that are way more than she can handle.

Drace and Lucian are Denarins—a race of the Twelve Peoples where two males bond together in order to join with a single female. An Alpha and a Beta make the perfect pair to attract and care for a woman in every detail of her life.

But what happens when two Alphas get wrongfully bonded? That’s the dilemma Lucian and Drace are in and only a Pure One from Earth can help them. When they see Rylee helping a couple with their divorce in the AMI viewscreen, they decide she’s exactly the female they need to break the bond between them.

Nobody asked Rylee what she thought about being abducted from her life on Earth and caught in the middle of a conflict between two huge, muscular alien males. It's okay thought--she’s a smart girl—she can handle herself. But once she gets a taste of being bonded to two sexy men who want to please her in every way, will she be able to stand by and watch them be…Severed?

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REVIEW: Another great installment in The Alien Mate Index. In Severed, Anderson introduced us to 3 great characters. Rylee Hale a paralegal who doesn’t seem to get a break. After starting a business of her own she is just getting by.

We also have Lucian & Drace who were bonded by mistake after drinking a substance that provoke their bond agent to active and who are desperately looking for a way to put an end to that bond. Lucian & Drace belong to enemy tribes so it is not only complicated that they are from enemies tribes, it is also unheard of rival males to form a bond. So in order to come out of their predicament, they are trying to find the right person to break it.  But for these two strong headed males to break their bond they must find the human who can break their bond as it was predicted by the sea witch.

Rylee goes through a series of crazy events, she can’t consider or comprehend what’s happening to her and even more so to believe those two sexy males are in need of her help. Once they finally bring Rylee to their ship and they explain what’s happening she accepts to go on that crazy adventure without realizing that her heart may break in the process.

As the story continues, these characters go from one adventure into another, all the while getting to know each other and slowly developing feelings.  Severed have sweet and swoon worthy moments, it also has humor and wit something that seems characteristic in Anderson’s writing. Rylee is intelligent, she understands the consequences of getting too close to these two men. Lucian and Drace are quite the pair, different in so many levels.  Different personalities, different customs, different planets but very similar in their emotions and new found feelings for Rylee. They are strong, loyal, caring and both hold a high regards toward loyalty, trust and honesty.

I enjoyed the adventure and the banter between these characters, from Rylee’s witty comebacks to Lucian & Drace struggles to cope with the emotions they share through their bond.  I can’t deny that from the stories we have read so far, Severed is probably one of the hottest but it is also one with a ton emotion. I enjoy how the author manages to create a love story between three very different people. The way in which their dialog flows makes the story fun to read. While at times the story turns funny and silly, the importance and struggles of the characters isn’t overshadowed by the humor.

Once again Anderson has proven to be on top of her game. Severed is sweet, sexy and hot, just as one has come to expect anything Evangeline Anderson writes. Looking forward to what she writes next!

Do I recommend this book? YES!
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!



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