Review: Ruined (The Price of Play – Everhide Rockstar Romance Series Book 2) by Tania Joyce

Review: Ruined (The Price of Play – Everhide Rockstar Romance Series Book 2) by Tania JoyceRuined by Tania Joyce
Published by Gatwick on March 11 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to sexual content & adult theme. Abuse, violence & attempted rape.

One night of fun turns into a nightmare. Newly single, broken-hearted and being told she'll never conceive naturally, Kara Knight drowns her sorrows at her best friend's engagement party and falls into bed with the one person who was on her never-touch list--playboy rock star Hunter Collins.

Becoming pregnant is nothing short of a miracle. But Hunter is haunted by a traumatic upbringing and isn't prepared to become a father.

With Hunter on tour and Kara's health at risk, is she destined to be a single mom? Or will a tragic twist of fate bring this unlikely pair together?

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REVIEW: I was looking forward to Hunter’s story, I wanted to see what made him tick but I was not prepared for such a heart-wrenching story that took my breath away more than once.

The story starts with Kara & Hunter celebrating Gemma & Kyle’s engagement party and putting up a false sense of enjoyment while smiling and sharing drinks. But the reality is, these two characters have gone through enough relationship heartbreak and all they want is to stay away from relationships & commitments. But for Hunter, no relationships doesn’t translate into no sex. 

Hunter is insufferable, he is funny, he is charming, and he is sexy as hell. His charm is only as strong as his sex-appeal and his talent to pick up women is as good as his talent as an artist. If you read book #1 in the series you will agree that sometimes he can come across as childish and irresponsible but he is also loyal, prideful and flat out a great human being that recognizes his mistakes. Mistakes that have cost him heartbreak. His relationship with Gemma & Kyle was affected greatly by the things he did and he knew he couldn’t let that happen again. But now that things are better and Gemma and Kyle are happily engaged, Hunter wants to stay away from relationships and just focus on his music, and casual sex.

Kara is a great character. She is resilient, strong, independent and beautiful. She knows what she needs to do and goes for it, she isn’t afraid of experimenting & isn’t afraid of facing consequences. She might’ve been born of privilege but you wouldn’t be able to tell due to her simplicity and nature. Heartbroken and hurting from her recent breakup, Kara finds refuge in Hunter’s arms. But after reality sets in, she understands that her happiness may be short-lived. As the story flows Kara is given yet another shot at happiness, one she could’ve never expected. Her chance to be happy has finally arrived even if it means doing it alone.

The author did such an excellent job bringing these two characters together. The circumstances of how they came to be weren’t perfect, but nevertheless, the author did a fantastic job highlighting the reason why they needed each other. Kara and Hunter are very different, they come from different social backgrounds, they see a family with a different set of eyes, but they share a desire to stay away from things that could break their hearts. All the while understanding that while they see things differently, they find on each other things they didn’t think they wanted or needed.

Ruined is a fantastic story of love, second chances & passion. In a gut-wrenching way, the story explores very difficult and real situations that push these characters to their limit. Each of them dealt with their own version of hell and while each had their own mindset and reservations, they come to the realization that they are better together than apart. A fantastic story by Tania Joyce – I am looking forward to what she is giving us next.

Do I recommend this book? Hell yeah!
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