Review: Rock My World by Mia Ford

Review: Rock My World by Mia FordRock My World by Mia Ford
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on February 21st 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Addison's the one who got away.
Scared off by my rockstar life... and her friend's lies.
Now it's time to make her my world.

You can split my life in two.

College days and Addison in my arms.
Baby blue eyes, sweet tempting lips.
Knowing we'll be together no matter what.

And after:
Sell-out gigs with screaming fans.
Women throwing themselves at me at the stage door.
I pose for the selfies and sign the merch, but that's all they get.
There's only one woman on my mind - and she's not my biggest fan!

Six years is a long time to be single.
And six years of touring gets old.
Time to find Addison, even if I don't play by the rules.

Tell her the truth - music is my past.
Her love, our family, is my future.

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REVIEW: Rock My World is the latest rockstar band story I read and one I found myself enjoying, even if with a few reservations.

Addison and Jace were college sweethearts, their relationship was full of joy and things stayed strong between them for a long time. But as Jace grew as an artist things started to change and Addison found herself seeing Jace less and less.  One day, however, things crumbled when Addison learned of Jace’s betrayal and left him without a second thought. But even after years have passed Addison hasn’t been able to get over the betrayal and her love for Jace keep burning hot. Addison isn’t alone in her yearning. After years have passed Jace finds himself yearning for what he had with Addison and wondering if the pain and lonely he can’t seem to shake off has something to do with the girl he once loved but one who got away.

As the story develops and continues we slowly learn of how things have gone for each these characters over the years they have been apart. Addison has become an accomplished woman and Jace has enjoyed stardom. Each has gone through the years differently but each has found a certain level of joy. The author did a good job giving the reader enough information about these characters and their perspective in life, however, as we continue to dive into their story it is clear that what has been considered a betrayal isn’t anything more than a misunderstanding.

I enjoyed this story, both characters are well rounded in their respective career choices, while of course carrying enormous baggage and insecurities.  Addison seems unable to get over what happened with Jace,  she also doesn’t give herself a chance to move on, she buries herself in her work but forgets to live her life.

Jace, on the other hand, has grown as an artist, has enjoyed everything stardom had to offer including his fair share of groupies but understand that what once filled him with excitement and joy no longer does. While the story revolves around these two characters they each have lived a very different life. Jace has taken advantage of his position and has enjoyed it throughout, Addison, on the other hand, has hangup to the past and refuses to let go. Even after she is shown and proven to be wrong she refuses to give herself the chance to move on and be happy.

The story has a good pace but it fluctuates between cold and hot almost all throughout until the very end. Even after this character’s come to resolving their conflict we are given unnecessary drama that only lingers without adding substance to the story. However,  the author did a good job exploiting these characters emotions and insecurities, but these added very little depth at the end. Addison reluctance to confront her insecurities and her lack of interest to explore what life was giving her, frustrated me the most. While her trust issues made sense and were justified, her inability to move on after having given the truth was what I dislike the most.

Rock My World is a nice story, one that explores the consequences of betrayal and lack of communication and what it leaves behind. The story isn’t very profound and it certainly has moments of unnecessary drama but overall it is enjoyable if one looks past those things.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, with reservations
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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