Review: Prisoner of Silk (Queen of the Sun Palace Book #1) by Lidiya Foxglove

Review: Prisoner of Silk (Queen of the Sun Palace Book #1) by Lidiya FoxglovePrisoner of Silk by Lidiya Foxglove
Published by Amazon on July 18, 2018
Genres: Erotic Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to sexual content & adult theme. Abuse, violence & attempted rape.

When Princess Marie Rose was born, a faery witch laid a curse upon her: she would prick her finger on a spindle at the age of sixteen and fall into a long sleep. Her parents destroyed every spindle in the kingdom. Her sixteenth birthday has safely come and gone. But no one will marry the cursed princess…except one. An unusual offer comes from the handsome, reserved faery prince of the Palace of the Sun.

There is no privacy in this palace. The life of the royal family is a carefully choreographed theater. Everyone has a role to play. Princess Rose is protected every moment—but the price of this protection is complete surrender.

Now she is the corseted and gilded possession of Prince Augustus, subject to his every order and desire. No human has ever taken on this role before and her very appearance is a scandal. There is no such thing as a private moment, no matter what is asked of her, and the faery court is waiting for this lovely human girl to make a mistake.

Why did Prince Augustus choose a cursed girl? The witch still follows her every move, and plans to use the princess to destroy the kingdom. But Rose has more power than she knows. First she’ll have to learn when to play the rules...and when to break them.

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REVIEW: In this dark fairytale retelling of Sleeping Beauty inspired by the life of Marie Antoinette we get a wonderful world of betrayal, love, sacrificies and power hungry faery.

The story starts by introducing us to Marie Rose at the young age of fifteen while she listens to her nurse recount the story of her birth and what came after. The curse put on her by the evil witch has always lurked in the shadows and because of this the queen & king decided to remove all the spindles from their land, regardless if the dicision would economically ruin the kingdom. As the curse goes, at the age of sixteen year old, Rose will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a sleep for a hundred years. 

Rose continues to live her life and wondering if she would ever find her prince, her friends each are slowly getting married and soon she may be the only one left. But it is then when the queen receives a letter from the king of Ellurine asking for Marie Rose’s hand who if accepts the proposal will marry Crown Prince Augustus in five years time, when Rose is older & mature enough to assume the role of The Queen who Bowed.

The plot is very interesting and while it deviates fully from the original story the author manages to maintain the charm and uniqueness of The Sleeping Beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed it, the way in which the author wrote it gives the needed details to spark curiosity and put the imagination at work. I enjoyed the characters and their role in the story, I also liked how the author added a sense of dark sensuality around some of these characters, specially price Augustus.

Rose & Augustus are interesting characters on their own but together they add an intriguing sense of sensuality, passion & sexuality that kept me glued to the pages. The way in which the author setup these two characters is fantastic, she gave Rose a natural sensutality without pushing the limits and Augustus exudes sensuality without even trying.

Prisoner of Silk is a sexy and sensual story that pushes the limits while also exploring these characters’ sense of betryal, sexual awakening, submittion and envy.  If you are interested in a different twist to Marie Antoinette and The Sleeping Beauty then I suggest you grab a copy of The Prisoner of Silk. You will enjoy it.

Do I recommend this book? YES
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