REVIEW: Prisoner of Mirrors (Queen of the Sun Palace Book #2) by Lidiya Foxglove

REVIEW: Prisoner of Mirrors (Queen of the Sun Palace Book #2) by Lidiya FoxglovePrisoner of Mirrors by Lidiya Foxglove
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on August 8, 2018
Genres: Erotic Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to sexual content & adult theme. Abuse, violence & attempted rape.

The king is dead. Prince Augustus and Princess Marie Rose ascend to the throne. Rose must submit to becoming the Queen Who Bowed, her role affirmed as she is claimed by her husband before the faery court--a role she dreads. But first, she is allowed a trip to the capital to attend the Ball de Anon, where masks allow her the privilege of privacy.

There, she meets the handsome and loyal officer Count Axel Farren of the high elves, whose destiny is soon to intertwine with that of Augustus and Rose in fateful and forbidden ways. The witch who cursed Rose at birth has not given up on her desire to bring down the Palace of the Sun. Her spies are everywhere; slander and manipulation her weapons. Will love be Marie Rose's undoing?

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REVIEW: Prisoner of Mirrors is the 2nd book in the Queen of The Sun Palace series. The story contiunes and we are brought back to the same world just with a few more twists and turns. You can read my review to book #1 here.

This sauce and sexy adult fantasy can put you at the edge of your seat. The story maintains the same pace, however we are introduce to new spins as well as characters that brings biggest twists to the already complex world of the fae.  The evil witch continues her her attempt to make the court and the kingdom pay for their sins. She has prepared and conjured even more problems to a kingdom that is almost falling apart.

While it isn’t one hundred percent certain that the kingdom will survive whatever the witch has planned, Augustus and his desire to see his kingdom thrive keeps fighting the good fight. However, as rumors continue to grow around them, Marie Rose continues to suffer from the hate her  new kingdom seem to have for her.

The deceipt, evil machinations and heart breaking betrayal keep runing rampant in the Sun Palace and there seem no end to what evil will do to see it fall. The witch has managed to maintain control of what is being told, and the people is reveling. The power that was one held by the high court is crumbling and Augustus has to find a way to fix it all along with Axel & Marie Rose.

Prisoner of Mirrors explores in more depth the dynamics between Augustus and Marie Rose in a way that is both sensual and romantic without taking away the essence of the story that revolves around power as much as it does around sensuality. But while things between the queen and king seem to have balanced out, Axel’s presense and his position as the right hand to Augustus put a spin that seems to be rolling out of control.

This story maintains the same level of  fascination with its high and complex levels of power and the revolt that seems to be lurking in the kingdom. These events along with the erotic scenes between Augustus, Axel & Marie Rose keep the story alive and entertaining. The characters keep bringing new spins to the plot and the way in which the author brings it all together makes it for a fun read with a bit of sensuality and hotness that keep one glue to the pages.

If you are looking for a sexy, sensual and twisted adult fantasy then look no further. You will enjoy this series.

Do I recommend this book? YES
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