Review: Need by Todd Gregory – Rating 3 of 5

Title: Need
Author: Todd Gregory
Series: +++
Source: NetGalley in exchanged for an unbiased review
Where to buy: Amazon | B&N

Description: Cord Logan has only been a vampire for two years, and is still adapting, trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. Haunted by what happened to him the last few nights he was human, he has turned his back on his fraternity of vampires. Returning to New Orleans, a chance encounter with an old friend from his human life triggers a disturbing chain of events. And now Cord’s erotic journey of self-discovery becomes even more lethal, as an ancient society of supernatural beings must intervene to save the vampire race – and all humanity.

REVIEW: When I started reading Need I was very excited. A story that involved witches and vampires is a winner for me, but soon after I was starting to feel my excitement degrading. Need had great promise, but it fell short.

Though the idea of witches and vampires in the brink of a war is pretty exciting, this book did not bring the excitement I expected. The story felt forced. While I kept reading it, I kept wondering why did the author didn’t give more details about Sebastian and his real motives. His life as a witch was pretty short though we do know he was quite powerful. Where did his power come from I wasn’t able to tell, what was the reason behind trying to sacrifice Cord and his feelings about him. The actual conflict in the story isn’t presented until  later in the book which in a way is expected but it felt that the whole story dragged for to long without anything exciting or major. The plot didn’t have the “engrossing” effect I expected.

The interaction between the characters felt awkward at times. I tried to like Cord but I just couldn’t feel sympathy for him. His indecision as well as his inability to sense right from wrong did not help him. I know that as a vampire the need for blood is as powerful as the need for lust, but all Cord thought about was getting sex from any man he put his eyes on. The scenes are detailed, but they lacked sensuality, erotism and luster.

Cord’s sexual encounters were his way to get “off” and eat while at it. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would’ve liked. Cord is immature, and while I enjoy some of the other characters their importance in the book aren’t well established and developed. I would’ve hoped to enjoy Need but I just didn’t. It makes me sad because where there are vampires and witches the fun is usually everlasting.


Do I recommend this book? Undecided


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