Review: Lawful Escort by Tina Folsom

Title:  Lawful Escort
Author: Tina Folsom
Series: ++++
Source: Purchased – Amazon
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: When Daniel has to travel to San Francisco and needs an escort for a social event, the beautiful Sabrina shows up on his doorstep. Little does he know that she’s not an escort. Their encounter quickly turns steamy until lies threaten to destroy their passionate affair.
REVIEW: When I came across this book I was curious and decided to buy it. I was happy I did. Lawful Escort is a sweet story of found love in the most unusual way. This is not a very long story, but it is nicely written making it feel like it is a full novel. The author does a great job capturing the feelings and actions that make this book a very sensual and sinful read.

Lawful Escort is the story of Daniel, an executive with a beautiful girlfriend and a lot of money. Though he thinks his girlfriend is the one, he soon realizes that she is far from it. After finding his girlfriend cheating on him, David decides to call it quits. His world is full of decisions, business deals and money thirsty women. I loved this story because it shows that love can be found in the most unusual ways.  While happy to have gotten rid off his cheater girlfriend, Daniel also realizes that he would have to find someone to fill in her shoes for a gala event that he was scheduled to attend.

Without thinking much about it, he decides to ask his best friend to help him find someone who can accompany him to the event, this woman could be an escort, someone who can pass for his girlfriend but who doesn’t have to stick around after that one night.

Sabrina is working her way through a decent position at a law firm, but not without having to pretty much fan out her harassing boss. Things take a turn when her best friend and roommate asks her to fill in for her at one of her jobs. Sabrina isn’t sure she wants to spend the night passing as her friend, but she knows that by doing so she is saving her best friend’s job. Passing for an escort isn’t Sabrina idea to help a friend in need. But she knows this is a good way to meet someone who she hopes will bring a night of adventure, sex and some fun, something she hasn’t had a long time. No commitment, not fuss and no regrets that’s what Sabrina thought once she agreed to help her friend. What she didn’t know was that the man she was about to meet would turn her world upside down and open the door to a world of possibilities, passion and lust.

I really enjoyed this book; the passion between the characters was amazing. Their attraction and desires were as hot as lava and their sexual interaction almost melt my iPad. I totally loved Daniel; he is romantic, passionate and a sexy. His idea of the perfect weekend is what most women would dream of, erotic massages, delicious wine and food, and a ton of sensual love making and rough sex. Sabrina is what I call a woman who knows what she wants but is somewhat afraid of getting it. This story is short, just over 150 pages but it has everything you want in a story, it has love, passion and steamy melting sex. There isn’t anything about this story that I would change. I liked it and I think you would like it too.


Do I recommend this book? YES!

Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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