Review: Kraving Khiva by Zoey Draven

Review: Kraving Khiva by Zoey DravenKraving Khiva by Zoey Draven
Series: The Krave of Everton
Published by Amazon on August 21, 2018
Genres: Sci Fi
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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At 25-years-old, unmarried, and untouched, Eve Tesler is an outcast in the Everton colony’s society. Loneliness plagues her daily life and fearing that will she never know true intimacy, she does something uncharacteristically reckless: she pays the steep price for an unforgettable night with one of the Krave, legendary alien lovers with unparalleled skills and non-human abilities in the bedroom. Only, she never expected him

When Khiva’s home planet was destroyed during the Great War, his race scattered among the stars and survived any way they could…including selling their infamous ‘services’ for credits. Now, residing and working at Madame Allegria’s elite brothel on a human colony, Khiva’s only goal is to earn enough for passage off Everton. But when a beautiful, lonely human female visits him one night...everything changes. Suddenly, he craves her with an intensity that should frighten him while her lush curves drive him to madness.

It was supposed to be only one night, but Eve finds she can’t stay away from her mysterious and forbidden alien lover…even if she has to pay for him.

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I am a big fan of Zoey Draven, her ability to write stories in a slow burn style is what drives me to her books. In this new series, we are introduced to a new kind of hero and a new kind of love story.

Eve is an unassuming young woman who has been mourning the passing of her dad for a long time. Eve also believes she will never find the man who will bring her joy let alone pleasure. At 25 Eve feels she is way past the desired age for marriage, no man gives her a second look because, in the colony, a woman her age has already past her prime.

Khiva is a male escort employed by Madame Allegria (you would think she would be nicer with a name like Allegria). However, not all is as they seem. Madame Allegria is a powerful woman with connections in all parts of the galaxy and a lot of pull in the colony where Khiva now lives. As a Krave, Khiva knows what it is required of him, his skills in the bedroom and nothing more.

When Eve decides to take a daring step to seek the services of the Krave she only wants to experience pleasure. Being a virgin at 25 isn’t something she was proud of, but it was her desire and need for companionship and passion that pushed her curiosity to the Krave. After meeting with Khiva, Eve experiences passion, need and desire as she never knew existed. But while those new emotions are shared by the big man she gave herself to, the reality of his situation becomes an obstacle in their happiness.

As usual, the author creates a situation that requires a solution, and as it is typical of her writing she doesn’t dance around these characters finding the needed solutions. I enjoyed how the author doesn’t push these characters around unnecessarily, she understands what her characters need and she gives the readers what they want. I enjoy these stories because they are passionate, they are elavorate but they are not overblown with unnecessary drama.

Kraving Khiva was fun, sexy, romantic and a great introduction to the series. I enjoyed this story, the moments of angst, the moments of passion and the moment when these characters took the risk.

Do I recommend this book? YES
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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