Review: Isadora (Masters Among Monsters) by Ella Frank

Review: Isadora (Masters Among Monsters) by Ella FrankIsadora by Ella Frank
Series: Masters Among Monsters
Published by Ella Frank on January 11, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Source: iTunes
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Isadora Nikitas understands what it means to be betrayed. That lesson was taught to her in the prime of her life, and when she is offered a chance to exact revenge, she finds it difficult to refuse.

Instead, she entrusts her survival to a mysterious vampire known only as Diomêdês, a male who wants nothing in return but to watch over her—in every way imaginable.

Gifted with speed, strength, and immortality, she determines that her life will no longer be governed by the needs and wants of a mere man. She has cowered for the last time, and with her Ancient by her side, she thrives and blossoms into the most formidable female vampire in existence.

But, once upon a time, like all little girls, Isadora believed in love. She believed it because she once had it. So, when it comes along a second time, she knows that it’s possible—but when you love someone, they become your weakness. Unless, in fact, they become your enemy instead…

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Isadora is book #2 in the Masters Among Monsters series by Ella Frank.  As the plot keeps developing and we learn more about these vampires and their masters we also learn a  big deal of what drives them. Now that Isadora has been take by a man she once loved but didn’t think she would see again, her desire and needs are running rampage. She doesn’t know if hate him for what he is doing to her, or love him for what he means to her.

Elias and Isadora have a sensual and tumultuous past, their history entwines once again when Elias takes Isadora in order to fulfill his destiny. While Elias did not know what Isadora was back when they were having an affair now that he has her under his control he certainly knows what she is and what it means to him. As these two characters fight their attraction, the wheels to bringing their existence to an end keeps moving.

Ella Frank did a great job maintaining an edge, the story keeps moving and developing as we get to know these characters and their story. While Isadora struggles with her emotions and feelings for Elias, her nature fights to stay alive. But once places are turned and Elias become the victim, things start run hotter. Elias curiosity about Isadora only increases as they give into lust, and it is then that Isadora shows Elias who she was, and who she has  become, and why.

I found myself enjoying this story very much, Isadora’s past is filled with pain, passion and betrayal. While I wasn’t entirely sold on her character, I found myself loving every aspect of her story. Ella Frank did a great job with these characters, in this story we get to experience first hand all Isadora went through before her transition into a vampire and what her choices meant for her future. I liked how Elias was able to put aside his duty over the passion and need, lust & love he felt for Isadora.

This story is filled with angst, passion and lust. Isadora is very much in charge of her actions. She knows that for her to consider a future with Elias, her sire must be part of it, even if it means breaking some rules. This series keeps surprising me, I can’t wait to read what’s in store for the other characters and what the mystery behind Elias, Leo & Paris truly is.

Do I recommend this book? YES!
Can’t wait to ready it? Buy it now!

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