REVIEW: Iron & Fire (Silk & Steel #2) by Ariana Nash / Pippa DaCosta

REVIEW: Iron & Fire (Silk & Steel #2) by Ariana Nash / Pippa DaCostaIron & Fire Series: Silk & Steel #2
on April 19, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Erotic Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to sexual content & adult theme. Abuse, violence & attempted rape.

From his mother’s cage to a human one, but Lysander’s captors are the least of his concerns. Rumors of a monstrous bronze dragon ripple through human camps, a dragon tearing great holes in the world as though searching for something… or someone.

It’s just a matter of time before the bronze chief, Dokul, finds Lysander and makes good on his promises. And should he find him, Lysander knows Dokul will not be merciful.

Amidst the greatest of elven victories, Eroan failed. Failed his people, failed himself, and failed the dragon who saved him. But he will not falter. The dragonkin are in disarray, there will never be a greater opportunity to strike. Eroan Ilanea will not fail his people again.

But when rumors of the dragon prince’s survival reach him, he must choose: Fight for his people or fight for the prince who nobody thought to save?

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REVIEW: Iron & Fire is the second book in the Silk & Steel series. This fascinating story continues weeks after the confrontation between the dragons, elves & humans. This latest attack puts the emerald dragons on a spiral leaving their throne available for picking.  There will be minimal spoilers in this review (as usual).

As the confrontation dwindles down, the elves continue to plan and regroup for another attack. However, on the side of the dragon, the Bronze dragon chief Dokul continues his search for Lysander and finding him could put the humans who capture him in grave danger.

On the human side, Chloe continues her interrogation of Lysander but it gets her nowhere. While at times she seems sympathetic to the dragon situation she also seems wary of his intentions. Lysander seems to flip between challenging and accepting of his fate, but Chloe is yet to see that side of Lysander, the side he has only shown Eroan.

Lysander is under human control now, the chances of him ever being free are close to zero, but his captivity can easily come to an end when and if the dragon king finds him. Nothing has come easy for Lysander, yet it seems his fate is to always be enslaved to someone. He thought that killing the Queen would put an end to his misery, but in fact, it has done the opposite now that his brother wants to kill him too.

Guilt keeps weighting Eroan down, his heart hurts for the loss of his people, and while he keeps fighting his emotions, he also feels pain for how things ended with the young prince. Unable to shake off the feelings and emotions he has for the dragon, Eroan focuses on organizing the elves for the next strike, however, inner fights and doubt among the elves keep putting his plan into the backburner.

The author did a superb job with this book, the plot flows smoothly from one installment to the next. The characters are still struggling with their reality and the loss of lives. The fight against the dragons has gotten bolder and bloodier, no matter how many blows the dragons take, it seems nothing will ever end them. The elves struggle with their loses, every strike against the dragons bring sorrow and destruction to their own.

But while the author emphasizes on these individual struggles, their struggle does not necessarily take center stage or minimize the gruesome conflict between these beings, on the contrary, their individual struggles highlight the plot in a way that is both heartbreaking and fascinating.

Certainly, this is a work of fiction, but the author does a fantastic job exploiting these characters and their nature. Emotions are running rampant, the result and consequences of the continual conflicts keep pushing these characters to their limits & sometimes forcing lines of questions that were never considered before. Time and time again these characters find themselves questioning their actions and measuring the consequences. One discovery after the other has pushed them to intensify the war and the push for finality keeps crippling the efforts because decisions are being based on emotion and not always on logic.

The author does a great job teasing us with small victories while at the same time ripping our hearts out when these victories are short-lived. The author has set up the foundation for much to happen, not only are we learning new details of who Lysander truly is, but we are getting glimpses into his true power. The consequences of putting trust into those whose motive is unknown will certainly bring a whole level of betrayal into this story.
I love every aspect of this book, the plot is consistent and it flows easily. These characters each struggle with the reality of what their life has become, their decisions and choices.

This is a love story, one that portraits the reality of a fictional world that struggles, where emotions run high, and where consequences are measured by the number of deaths, and where betrayal is expected at all turns.

I can’t recommend this story enough – Iron & Fire is a fascinating story of love, perseverance, trust, acceptance and taking chances. These characters live a sad reality, a world that is at war fighting with an enemy that strikes fast and hard, it is an all-out fight for survival.  Do not expect easy solutions, whatever you think will happen is likely to be thrown out by the clever way in which the author has crafted this story. This is a great love story, but not a traditional one.  It is heartbreaking, it is gut wrenching but one hundred percent satisfying. Grab the book now and start reading, you will NOT regret it.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES!
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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