Review: Interference by Amélie Antoine

Review:  Interference by Amélie AntoineInterference by Amelie Antoine
Published by Amazon Genres: Contemporary, Psychological Thrillers
Format: eBook
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Young married couple Gabriel and Chloé have a picture-perfect life. But when athletic Chloé suddenly drowns, Gabriel is left to grapple with the mysterious circumstances of her death. Brokenhearted, he pours out his grief in a bereavement group and is consoled by photographer Emma. While the two grow closer, Gabriel can’t help but feel Chloé’s presence everywhere he goes. And as revelations about Chloé slowly emerge, he begins to wonder, is Emma really that different?

From prize-winning and bestselling author Amélie Antoine comes a dark and evocative novel that will keep readers guessing until the final moments—will Gabriel be able to move on with Emma, or will the mystery of Chloé’s death consume him

REVIEW: Interference is a short story that reads like a full length novel. Interference follows the life of a young, married and happy couple who is stroke by tragedy. Since the story is told from different POVs we are right away submerged into the ins and out of their life and relationship.

As the reader learn about Chloe, we are right away introduced to some details of her relationship. Chloe is happily married to Gabriel, but her life is cut short when she dies. Gabriel lives for Chloe, he adores her and is happy with her. But as the the story develops we find ourselves diving into Chloe’s life and secrets while her husband finds support from a  photographer who he has become friends with. While Chloe isn’t entirely out of the picture, certain aspects of her narration become comical and light, taking the seriousness of her death away and replacing it with what a times is a funny banter.

Interference brings all the aspects of a longer novel to the table, character development, dramatic plot with unexpected twists and turns. While the story goes into Gabriel’s mourning process and how he finds himself developing feelings for Emma, we are also exposed to a Truman Show type of development that takes the reader into a twisted roller coaster ride of emotions. It is after Emma and Gabriel relationship starts to develop that the story takes a dramatic turn.

As the reader moves on with Gabriel and Emma’s story, Chloe’s narrative changes.  As she goes through the ins and outs and surprises of her husband new love interest, the reader is exposed to what seems to be an embodied narrative of a wife who seems to miss everything about her current life while also giving the reader the impression that there is more to her than her selfish needs and wants of a dead wife. While at times these characters lack depth, the story seems to maintains a certain edge and level of suspense. What happens next sets into motion an outcome that while it takes the reader by surprise it isn’t difficult to accept.  Interference is an interesting story with interesting characters and with an end we didn’t see coming.

Do I recommend this book? YES
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