Review: Hunted, Found, Captured & Freed (Tiger Billionaire – Paranormal Shifter – 4 Book Series ) by Suki Selborne

Review: Hunted, Found, Captured & Freed (Tiger Billionaire – Paranormal Shifter – 4 Book Series ) by Suki SelborneHunted by Suki Silborne
Series: Tiger Billionaire Series
Published by Matrioshka Books Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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Curvy Irish admin assistant Finola Malley has a problem. She's just fallen for the hottest alpha billionaire she's ever seen in her life. And sexy CEO Sebastian Chase has it all. Money. Power. Looks. A habit of wandering around naked, looking incredible.
But Sebastian is a man with secrets. Finola just found out he's a white tiger shifter, from an ancient magical bloodline. And that's not all. He has another secret that could tear them apart for good.  If that wasn't bad enough, somebody's trying to kill Sebastian... and it looks like they want to use Finola as bait. From the financial district of London to the rugged coastline of Cornwall, England, Finola follows her heart all the way back to Sebastian's bed... and falls head first into terrible danger.

REVIEW: Hunter is the first shifter story I read in a very long time. It has in a way re-introduced me to the genre and I think it was a good re-introduction. Though I don’t usually read “billionaires” stories because they tend to lack realism in many aspects, and since a shifter story couldn’t get any more unrealistic than that, I decided to give Tiger Billionaire a look, besides the moment I read the description I couldn’t help but feel compelled to read it.

As in many other stories of rich man meets poor girl, Hunted introduces us to the not so fortunate heroine, who finds herself in a very difficult and dangerous situation when she is called to work after hours at the bank she works. Filona found herself in a middle of a war between a manic shifter who plans on harvesting power from pure white tiger shifter in order to sate his vendetta.

The story develops quickly as Filona meets her destined mate under the most undesirable circumstances, but It is however that moment that defines her future. Filona’s life hasn’t been easy but she tries to make the best of it.  Filona was a rebel as a child and blamed her adoptive parents for the miseries she felt, what Filona didn’t know is that she wasn’t just a normal girl, she too was part of the world she had no idea existed until she came face to face with its dangerous nature.

The story between Filona & Sebastian moves quick and their attraction moves even quicker. While we don’t necessary see their relationship developing slowly the attraction works just fine between them. Sex at first sight is what seems to bring these two character together, while at the same time, their fight against evil seems to ignites their passion even more. As the story goes so we learn a bit more about Filona’s past – her mother and her true identity. We also learn a bit more about Sebastian and his lieanage, not to mention the twists that put Filona & Sebastian’s relationship in jeopardy.

The Tiger Billionaire has a nice and diverse repertoire of characters that bring all sort of sparks to this story. Readers will be happy to know that this book is hot and quite sexy, Sebastian is everything you can imagine and he isn’t shy about it. Filona on the other hand, while not necessarily a strong character she manages to give her story a touch of Cinderella that shines through the whole story. I enjoyed this book not because it was unique, but because it slowly re-introduced me to the genre I hadn’t realized I have missed so dearly.

Do I recommend this book? Yes
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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