Review: Highland Sanctuary (The MacDaniels Book 1) by Brina Cary

Review: Highland Sanctuary (The MacDaniels Book 1) by Brina CaryHighland Sanctuary by Brina Cary
Published by Magic Wolf Publishing on October 22, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
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Navy Veteran, Amy Killigan, is on the run from her abusive ex-husband Matthew. She’s been running for years, ever since she turned him into the DEA in for using his military position to be a mule for a Mexican cartel. Her anonymous tip resulted in the military dishonorably discharging him, the death of a DEA Agent, and no solid proof as to what he had done. The proof went with the DEA Agent… But she still has a secret: she knows that he is still working for the cartel and she can prove it. She knows more about their drug routes than the DEA knew. If she reveals her secret it could cost Matthew his life and cut off major routes for the cartel.

Alec just wanted to mourn the wife that had been murdered while he was hunting a drug runner for the Scotland Yard. Shutting himself off from the pain, he fled the Yard and the UK all together for a quiet vacation in America. Within hours of his arrival he finds Amy hanging upside down from a poacher’s trap. As rope comes loose and she falls on him, any chance he had at a quiet vacation was now gone.

After Amy's ex-husband tries to murder her, Alec’s protective instincts take over. He does the one thing that he can do for her: he takes Amy home to Scotland, to his family—his large boisterous Scottish family, to the brothers he got in trouble with as a child, to the parents that love him more than anything, and to the memories that haunt him. After all, where is a safer place to take her than home to a Constable, a bodyguard, a newly hired Interpol Agent, and the parents that raised them?

Will Alec’s love for Amy be able to save her? Or will they both be lost in the fight against Matthew’s obsession?

REVIEW: Highland Sanctuary is a short 135 pages novella that reads as a full length novel.  I found myself enjoying the premise and the story as well as the characters. Highland Sanctuary set precedent for the series and what one should expect in the following stories. The author doesn’t give details of course but she set the background for future stories to come.

Highland Sanctuary explores the ins and out of an abusive husband and his machinations and ability to getting away with a lot more than just the beating of his wife. It also shows the struggles the main character Amy goes through, from the pain to see those she loves die at the hand of her husband to hiding in order to survive. She is strong but after battling her husband abuse for so long her defenses have been knocked out of her as well as her will to fight. It isn’t until a very handsome Scottish man shows up to sweep her off her feet.

I found myself enjoying the story more than I thought I would. While I think the author didn’t necessarily executed the heroine as strong and agile as I would’ve like I think she did very well by making Amy redeemable at the end. Amy as a navy officer knew that her duty was to help and defend others but once she found out her husband who was also a member of the Navy was dealing drugs, her moral and heart forced her to act and what came after was pain and sorrow.

Don’t let the length of this story full you, the author did a superb job giving plenty details as well as a lot of action in a manner that doesn’t feel rushed or forced. She paced these characters actions and their results in a way that the story while it moves fast it also leave the reader satisfied. I enjoyed very much the connection between Amy & Alec. Their attraction though it was instant it didn’t take away the harsh and painful reality that domestic violence brings to those who suffer from it.

Their story developed quickly and while one may get the impression the story is gearing towards deceit, the author manages to clear the path for these two characters so that their beginning isn’t marked by betrayal & lies. I recommend Highland Sanctuary if you enjoy determined Scottish men with a sense of duty and love for the woman they make theirs.

Do I recommend this book? YES
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