REVIEW: Her Master (The Collected Stories of Isolde, Volume 1) by Belle de Jour

REVIEW:  Her Master (The Collected Stories of Isolde, Volume 1) by Belle de JourHer Master by Belle De Jour
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Recently orphaned, Isolde goes to the castle of her liege lord to beg for a position. Desperate and alone in the world, she’s willing to scrub floors, work as a scullery maid—anything to put a roof over her head. But instead of being sent to work in the kitchen, she’s chosen by the count’s steward to be one of his master’s handmaidens. She is taken to the suite of rooms where the handsome Sir Rhys lives in near-seclusion with only his maids for company—and comfort. Sir Rhys disappears frequently behind closed doors with his handmaidens, and Isolde knows that it won’t be long before she’s expected to join them. Still, she can’t help but wonder: what mysterious secret keeps her new master a prisoner in his own domain?

SHORT REVIEW: Her Master,  is an interesting story of a young girl put in the path of a man who will forever change her life. Isolde is a naive, young, innocent and sweet young girl whose life has put her in the path of a man whose needs run deep, desires run dark and passion is insatiable. I enjoyed the story, and I am very pleased with the quality of the writing. Though the story is short one gets to enjoy the historical aspect of it, regardless of the many unknown that the story presents such as characters background and back stories one can easily be transported to a time where war ruled the land and passions ran deep. An interesting take on M/s relationships between a master and his handmaids and how their relationship develop from lust and passion to undeniable love.

Even though this is a very short story, the author managers to give us a very interesting and multifaceted set of characters that will surprise you and engage you all at once. Isolde though innocent, grows to understand her Master, as well as slowly discovers the passion and need she didn’t think she was capable of feeling. These characters have a lot more to offer and I am hoping the author comes back with more from Isolde, I feel this is not the end of her story and the characters that surrounds her.

Do I recommend this story? Yes

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