Review & Giveaway: The Chateau (The Original Sinners #9) by Tiffany Reisz

Review & Giveaway: The Chateau (The Original Sinners #9) by Tiffany ReiszThe Chateau by Tiffany Reisz
Series: The Original Sinners
Published by 8th Circle Press on June 5th 2018
Genres: Erotica
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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As the Jack-of-All-Wicked-Trades for a secretive French military intelligence agency, 24-year-old Lieutenant Kingsley Boissonneault has done it all—spied, lied, and killed under orders. But his latest assignment is quite out of the ordinary. His commanding officer's nephew has disappeared inside a sex cult, and Kingsley has been tasked with bringing him home to safety.

The cult’s holy book is Story of O, the infamous French novel of extreme sado-masochism. Their château is a looking-glass world where women reign and men are their willing slaves. Or are they willing? It’s Kingsley’s mission to find out.

Once inside the château, however, Kingsley quickly falls under the erotic spell cast by the enigmatic Madame, a woman of wisdom, power, and beauty. She offers Kingsley the one thing he’s always wanted. But the price? Giving up forever the only person he’s ever loved.

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The Chateau, another fantastic installment in the Original Sinners series. Kingsley Edge has been one of my favorite characters in this series and Reisz has done a phenomenal job bringing this character to life with yet another eccentric and fascinating storyline.

If there is anything one should expect from Tiffany Reisz is the quality of her writing and the fantastic way in which she tells these stories. In this provocative, sexy and eccentric story, we are transported to the world of Kingsley Edge, where erotism and sexuality are as complicated as the characters themselves.

In a way that is very Reisz, we meet The Madame, the woman whose lies, betrayal and passion shaped him and taught him more than he expected. Reisz gave us a younger King, but his youth wasn’t any less intense, sexual and raw. His missions weren’t easy but neither was being introduced to the world of The Madame. It is by this story that we learn how The Madame affected Kingsley and how without knowing it, his future was intricately affected by this woman.  In the world of kink, The Madame was the queen and a few things were guaranteed,  satisfaction, mental games, lies, betrayal, fascination and intense sexual gratification.

Reisz masterfully exploits these characters’ feelings and emotions in a way that is both raw and enlightening, the story blends suspense & erotic elements that fit these characters perfectly. From the small details of Kingsley state of mind to a blow out explicit sexual encounters that will leave you gasping for more,  Reisz beautifully crafts these characters and their story in a way that is both compelling & sensual.

Expect to be blown away by these characters and their story. Readers may be left with a certain level of satisfaction after reading The Chateau. The Chateau is not just another Kingsley story, it is King’s heartfelt confession, a story that is fascinating as it is exciting & even subtly romantic.

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