Review: Forever by Jacquelyn Frank

Title: Forever
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Series:  The World of Nightwalkers
Source: NetGalley in exchanged for an unbiased review
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Description: After being brought back from death, police officer Jackson Waverly receives the shock of his life: he has become host to a Bodywalker, a spirit that is reborn in flesh and blood, and part of a proud, ancient race that uses its extraordinary gifts to battle dark, evil forces. Jackson’s spirit is a powerful one—none other than the Egyptian pharaoh Menes, who longs to reunite with his eternal love, the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.

While Menes is obsessed with finding the perfect vessel for his queen, Jackson cannot stop thinking about Dr. Marissa Anderson, the gorgeous precinct shrink who keeps pushing him to confront his grief over the loss of his K-9 partner. But what Marissa really arouses most in Jackson is intense desire, which is exactly what Menes is looking for. To fight a great enemy, pharaoh and queen must join; but to host Hatshepsut, Marissa will first have to die. Fate has given Jackson a profound choice: save Marissa from Menes’s plan or keep an entire species from the brink of extinction.

REVIEW: Oh yes Jacquelyn Frank did it again – I love how  her prose and ability to bring ancient history to life. Forever is the story of Marissa & Jackson. If you read Forbidden book #1 of The World of Nightwalkers series you will remember Jackson, Docia’s brother who was mortally wounded while trying to fight evil, and Marissa the beautiful psychologist who has was trying to help Jackson cope with the loss of his friend/dog Chico.

If you enjoy lively and engaging characters you are going to enjoy Forever. Marissa is a great character, her personality and always professional and analytical approach to things is interesting and at times frustrating, however understandable. I enjoyed her approach to problems though not necessarily her reactions. I am not sure if I would’ve been as practical and understanding as Marissa was after finding out the truth of what happened to Jackson and what he has become. Her attraction to Jackson is immeasurable, she has feelings for him but refuses to acknowledge them and that honestly frustrated me. For me it is easy to relate to her character, I too like having control but flexibility and compromises are the key to maintain a healthy equilibrium. For Marissa there is not such thing as a balance, she has never been on that side of the coin where she has had to open up to a man and lay her heart bare and where she must relent her heart and soul to the man she has fallen for.

Jackson on the other hand fights an internal battle, his feelings for Marissa, his frustrations for not being able to have her and his concern for his people have his heart in a shamble. He knows the right thing to do is not always the easiest. While his heart and Mene crave for Marissa, his mind consider the consequences of  his actions if he pushes Marissa too hard. Mene is the voice of reason and understanding while Jackson is cautious and try to find the best way possible to bring Marissa to them. I like Jackson just because he is the sweetest, most considerate male character I have read.

Don’t think the story is all about Marissa and Jackson, there is other drama developing. The Templar are still boiling up after Odjit was killed (go back to book #1) and her death has affected them deeply. Now that she is in the Ether the Templar and her most closest disciple Kamenwati will do anything in his power to bring her back while satisfying his vengeance. I am honestly curious about Kamenwati, though he is described as an empty soul after so many years of living that he has become bored and eager to pass onto the Ether or the afterlife. I think he is one of those characters that even when they are part of the bad guys one can’t help but feel curious about. In this installment we also get to know more of the Gargoyles, the human living among the Bodywalker and we are introduced to Marissa’s sister. I can’t help but consider what the next book will bring. Will Marissa’s sister play a part in the next book? if so how big will be her part.

There are so many possibilities, so many awesome characters and the promise of awesome drama. I am looking forward to book 3 because I am sure the surprises and drama will be quite fulfilling. Jacquelyn Frank writes awesome stories, be ready to fall in-love with Jack and Marissa, and the other characters that bring this story to life, the history behind the names and the new approach to Egyptian culture is awesome and at times spicy. I totally want my own Jackson/Mene they are explosive together and quite sexy.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Do I recommend this book? Yes

Can’t wait to read Forever? Buy it now.

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  • ooh Maggie this sounds good. So each story or book deals with a couple but also continues the overall arc. It sounds suspenseful. I recently finished the Nightkeepers series and am looking for something to replace it, I am off to check out book one!

    Kimberly 05/21/2013 10:41 am Reply
    • Hi Kim,
      This new spinoff series is very interesting, think of The Mummy movies & The body snatchers with a modern spin and sexy heroes and heroines. 🙂 I am a fan of J.F., I love her writing style and ability to create engaging characters. This one is highly recommended.

      Maggie Katz 05/21/2013 10:48 am Reply

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