Review: Forbidden Blood (House of Comarré #0.5) by Kristen Painter 3.5 of 5

Title: Forbidden Blood
Author: Kristen Painter
Series: A House of Comarre Novella
Price: $2.99 Kindle
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: Set in the world of the House of Comarré, Kristen Painter gives us a new novella about the price of freedom. Maris’s life as a comarré has come down to three options: escape her patron and spend the rest of her days looking over her shoulder, fight him for her freedom with the understanding it could mean her death or undergo dangerous experimentation to transform her blood into something even more powerful. Before she can make a decision, she discovers the vampire who’s been charged with sunproofing her blood isn’t so fond of her patron either. In fact, Dominic is unlike any vampire she’s ever met, but is she desperate enough to put her trust in another noble? Her heart says yes.

Review:Forbidden Blood is the story of Maris and Dominic. This is a great introduction to the Comarre series and one I recommend you read before starting Blood Rights, but then again it may be best you read the first 2 books.  I’ll leave that decision to the reader.

Though the story is short it has the necessary ingredients to spark interest and keep you reading. Forbidden Blood gives us an insight of the struggles, drama and sacrifices Maris & Dominic had to make in order for her to obtain her freedom.

“Perhaps I should find a different doctor.”
“No.” She smiled to soothe him and hide her excitement over the first sign of movement.  “We can barely afford this one.” Nor did she want to explain her signum to another doctor.
“Things are about to change for us. You’ll see.” He helped her dress the rest of the way, gently lifting her legs and easing them into the loose linen pants she’d adopted as her new uniform.

The one complain I have about the book is how I was left wanting to know more about Maris and Dominic love affair, it was so short and though I know she “loved” Dominic her love for him do not feel as great as his love for her.

Forbidden Blood answered a lot of questions I had after reading the first 3 installment of the series, but it also left a few questions unanswered. I now get to understand why and how Dominic became the man he is.  In all, this short read gave me a perspective on Maris’s actions and decisions. It also gave me a glimpse into the sacrifices Dominic had to make in order to be with Maris.

3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ½

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  • oh i hate to be left wanting. Maybe I should read one and two first..great review.

    kimbacaffeinate 06/29/2012 2:11 am Reply

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