Review: Entrapment by Aleatha Romig

Review: Entrapment by Aleatha RomigEntrapment by Aleatha Romig
Series: Infidelity Series
Published by Romig Works on September 13 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
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ENTRAPMENT continues the epic new romantic suspense series INFIDELITY, featuring Lennox "Nox" Demetri, Alexandria "Charli" Collins, the Montagues, and the Demetris.  The thrills, heat, and suspense continue to add up...

One chance meeting
One sexy, possessive alpha and one spunky, determined heroine
One week of uncontainable, unbridled passion
One impulsive decision
Two declarations of love
divided by...
The sum of intertwining pasts, lies, and broken rules

REVIEW: Entrapment is the latest installment in the Infidelity series by Aleatha Romig. In this installment we follow Charli as she dives into the wolf’s cave that Montague’s state represents to her. Though we were happy to see a very much in control Charli, this time around her control and sense of security all came crashing down the moment she learn her mother was sick and perhaps in great danger.

Aleatha has once again manage to give us a story with an intricate plot, twisted characters and unexpected outcome. The way in which the story flows is signature of Aleatha’s writing style. Charli’s decision to follow Alton to Montague Manor has proven to be a very bad decision, but while we may not agree her, her reasons for doing so are legitimate. I have enjoyed the story so far and I have enjoyed seeing how far these characters have gone, from Charli & Nox relationship to Charli’s mother finally awakening and understanding the significance of Alton’s manipulations.

While I am very excited to see where the story is going and how it is going to end, I can’t shake the frustration that came with this installment. Charli has proven all along to be a very strong female character while at the same time coming across as a damsel in distress. I don’t necessarily dislike this side of her character but I have come to expect a certain level of control over her emotions that have been present in previous installments. Nox as a character has experienced little change, he is still in control and while circumstances may be out of his reach he seems to posses the same air of security and confidence even if the world seems to be crumbling around him.

The story unravels with a lot at stake, the way in which each of these characters back story comes into play is nicely exploit. However, that’s perhaps where things fall short for me, I think the story has gone too much into exploring and branching out of the main characters and their story. It seems as if this installment is filled with backstories that seem at times irrelevant to the current state of Charli & Nox’s story, however I understand why the author chooses to do that. I felt the story that follows Charli’s mom and Nox father is not needed, or at least it seems inconsequential to resolving the current situation and conflicts that plagues Nox & Charli’s relationship.

I think Entrapment has brought out to the surface a lot of the ins and out of Montague Manor and Alton’s secrets, while they have been lurking just above the surface we haven’t had them explained very deeply. I think at times these characters are lost between indecision and inconsequential details but Aleatha manages to push them back into play. I enjoyed Entrapment but not as much as I thought I would, there were times when I grew frustrated and tired but I have enjoyed the story very much. Overall, I think Entrapment is a good addition to the series, but I would’ve liked to see less back story on Charli’s mom. To me her story felt at times irrelevant but I understand the need to show it.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES
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