REVIEW: Dragon Assassin: Twin Fury by Arthur Slade

REVIEW: Dragon Assassin: Twin Fury by Arthur SladeDragon Assassin: Twin Fury by Arthur Slade
Published by Dava Enterprises on January 2, 2019
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Prolific Works
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She's tough.
She's training to be a brilliant assassin. And she has a dragon as a secret weapon.

Carmen is about to graduate from Assassin school. Eight years of training finally comes to an end. But the Emperor has declared war on assassins. Graduation night might become the fight of her life.

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REVIEW: Oh what a wonderful story. I am happy I found Arthur Slade because I have become his #1 fan.
Dragon Assassin Twin Fury is part 1 of a series of monthly installments.

Carmen is a student of the Order of the Red Adept Assassins, she is intelligent & driven. She has a promising future as an assassin, slowly she is making her way to being one of the best students, but not far behind is her brother Corwin. Carmen and her brother Corwin were abandoned as children and left at the door of the order. Their future was chosen for them, but they didn’t regret it one bit.

As part of their training, they learned the art of combat, they learned about magic, they learned to become shadows and become immune to poisons, and immune to sentiments and emotions that could be used against them. Carmen future was slowly taking shape right in front of her eyes, but it all came to a halt when her brother injured her eye during a practice fight. From that moment on Carmen knew she would be at a disadvantage.

Carmen had plans for her future, she would make it to graduation and start her own shop. She decided that nothing would stop her from her future, but just as Carmer, her brother Corwin also had plans and ambitions and he would remove anyone from the path of greatness, even his own sister.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first part of the series.  Carmen is delightful and a fantastic character and Brax is exactly how I expected her dragon to be. Brax meets Carmen under dire circumstance. He was captured and lured into a cave by a magician under false pretense and shackled him with strong magic. But as Carmen soon learn to break him is going to take more than the simple spell, and his freedom is going to cost Brax a lot more than he expected.

I could go on and on about this story and how fun, how exciting and engaging this story was, but you will never grasp the awesomeness until you read it. The story and characters are nicely developed, the story slowly unravels action-packed scenes, and introduces us what is going to be a fun and engaging fight of magic, power, and vengeance. Don’t hesitate to read this first part, you are going to love it.

Do I recommend this book?  YES YES YES
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