Review: Desire & Bound (The Dining Club Part #1 & 2) by Marina Anderson

Title: Desire: The Dining Club: Part One
Author: Marina Anderson
Series: The Dining Club
Source: NetGalley in exchanged for an unbiased review
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: Young, ambitious theater director Grace has no time for distractions, but she just cannot resist enigmatic city financier, David. Alluring, charismatic and an incredible lover – David never lets Grace get too close. So when he invites her to a weekend at his private club, Grace is thrilled.   Arriving at the secluded location, and excited by her nerves, David reveals the truth behind the Dining Club: a place where guests are taught to open their minds, and their bodies to erotic challenges. If she passes the tests, she is promised ecstasy beyond her wildest fantasies. If she fails, she’s forbidden to ever set foot in the exclusive club again. But even as David’s seductive commands make Grace feel more daring than ever before, she begins to fear for their future. What if she fails one of the Club’s tantalizing trials? Will David still want her or will she lose him forever?

REVIEW: I must say, the name, the book cover and the blurb was what got me interested. I am a sucker for sensual, seductive and teasing kind of Erotica. The one that leaves you panting after reading it. Desire is part one of a series of chapters that tell the story of Grace a young woman trying to
thrive as a theater director. Desire serves as an introduction, exposing us to these two sexy and young characters who while very different in terms of sexual experiences but quite similar in terms of desires and needs.

Grace is in-love with David, a man who is very much in control or his life, his business and his sexual appetite. While I am not one hundred percent sold on Grace’s character I like how willing and curious she is about learning David’s desires. I enjoyed how nice and interesting the story started, I also liked how different from others I read. While I am a bit taken aback by Grace’s needy persona I am also willing to sit back and enjoy her submission into the sinful secrets and promises of pleasures from The Dining Club. What I find interesting is David’s ultimatum about his needs and wants, he seem oblivious about Grace’s concerns and at times didn’t show to care much for her feelings.  I understand it is important to set boundaries and at times imperative to make your expectations and needs known, David’s way of manifesting his sexual escapades, lifestyle and needs to Grace made him seem cold and selfish. Giving his needs more importance over his feelings for Grace made him seen immature, selfish and calculating.

While I think both characters will enjoy and benefit from the adventure I think Grace will have a hard time connecting with David’s life style. I like David, he is sensual and sexy, a bit deep and persuasive, and even a bit arrogant.

In Bound we are introduced to a number of characters, each characters serves a purposes in Grace’s awakening, and ability to survive the The Dining Club. Though I am not sure I would be entirely agreeable to David’s demands and perhaps ultimatum I think the promise of unthinkable pleasure is one even Grace can’t deny. I think this series can be quite interesting and good, it hast potential and the ingredients to make it hot and sinful, I only wish the author would put it all together in one book.

I am looking forward to the next set of chapters, David, Andrew & Amber seem to be eager to commence the fun and the play. I am looking forward to see what’s to come from Amber and her interest in David. I am sure the drama will be juicy and quite sinful.


Do I recommend these books? Yes – just keep in mind it is a serial not complete novels/novellas!

Can’t wait to read them? Buy them now!

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