Review: Descended (The Alien Mate Index Series) by Evangeline Anderson

Review: Descended (The Alien Mate Index Series) by Evangeline AndersonDescended by Evangeline Anderson
Series: The Alien Mate Index
Published by Evangeline Anderson Books on August 27, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance, Sci Fi
Format: eBook
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Charlotte Walker is just an intern trying to get through her surgical rotation in one piece when her life takes an abrupt turn for the weird. A seven-foot tall patient with multicolored eyes and golden skin shows up in the ER asking for her. When he tells Charlotte she's supposed to be the Empress of the entire galaxy, she naturally thinks he's high or crazy or both.

He's not.

Kristoff Verrai is the Captain of the Imperial Guard of the Goddess-Empress of the galaxy. For ten cycles he served his old mistress faithfully. Now that she is dead, his only job is to find and protect her new Incarnation until she can ascend the throne.

He doesn't expect to fall in love with her.

But a relationship between them can never be--the Empress must have a Consort with Royal blood and Kristoff is just a commoner.
Can they fight the love growing between them? Or will it overwhelm them?
If only Charlotte wasn't Descended from the most powerful female in the universe, they might have a chance

REVIEW: Once again Evangeline Anderson proves to be on top of her game, Descended is book #2 in The Alien Mate Index series and a fantastic addition. So far The Alien Mate Index has proven to have everything I enjoy reading about Paranormal/Fantasy/Alien series. It has all the ingredients necessary to make it is  TOP pick.

Charlotte is the last of the friends that is still on earth, after her 2 best friends disappeared under weird circumstances Charlotte has found herself changing a lot of things about her life, starting with her job. As a doctor Charlotte cares for her patients, she is deeply interested in making sure her patients get the best of care even if in the meantime Charlotte forgets a bit of herself. Then everything starts to change. As with previous characters, Charlotte is experiencing weird situations that makes her question her own sanity. She blames it on the lack of sleep after hours and hours of being on the ER, but while she tries her best to ignore the weird episodes they keep happening making it difficult for her to ignore them.

As Charlotte meets her new protector Kristoff Verrai she can’t deny the way in which she feels, as he explains who he is and the reason for him to being on earth. Charlotte can’t seem to come to terms with all the information he has given her. I really enjoyed this story, not just the way in which it evolves but also the way in which the relationship starts. I enjoyed the humor, the passion, the loyalty and the sexy fun between these two characters. While the author creates an expected and even predictable atmosphere & situations for these characters, the outcome is far from predictable.

One of the best things about Evangeline’s writing is how she manages to bring all sort of emotions to the table. Her characters are funny, witty and all around natural & interesting. Her stories though usually out of this world bring a lot of fun and a very interesting setting, with unexpected twists and turns that makes the story a page turner.As the story continues, we are presented with a plot that keeps getting more interesting.

Descended brings more than passion, new found love and loyalty to the table, it brings emotions that are a staple in Anderson’s writing. This interplanetary exchange of characters & costumes brings a lot of humor without taking away the seriousness of these characters stories.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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