Review: Demon’s Slave (Black Dog And Rebel Rose) by Danielle D. Smith

Title: Demon’s Slave (Black Dog and Rebel Rose)
Author: Danielle D. Smith
Series: Black Dog and Rebel Rose
Source: FREE on Amazon
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Description:  Rose, Nephil daughter of a Warrior of Heaven, has betrayed her celestial heritage by falling for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks: Skriker, tattooed half-demon hunter, and the most irresistible chunk of hard meat that she has ever taken to her bed.

Rose knows that there is no love in all of Creation more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon, and that knowledge has left her terribly fragmented, despite her passionate love for her Halfling bad boy.

As Skriker’s “Dirty 30” approaches, she will offer him the ultimate birthday gift: she will be his devoted sexual slave for three days and three nights, laying aside her angelic pride to fully commit to his pleasure (and hers) with every part of her being…and neither Heaven nor Hell will have any power to stop it.

REVIEW: Lord have mercy, this is such a hot read. I do not know where to start. Can you think of anything more sinful than a half angel and a demon going all in at a BDSM? Well if you can’t, then I recommend you read Demon’s Slave. Skiker & Rose are complete opposites yet their differences are exactly what bring them together.

Skiker is hot, sweet and loving but he is also deadly. His desire for Rose isn’t a secret, from the moment his eyes falls on her, his body responds to her presence and the same can be said about Rose. Her desire and love for Skiker has made her rebel against her own nature and her defiance makes her a bad ass in my book. Instead of making love to a demon she should be slaying them. But the need and love she has for Skiker is greater than her own angelical nature. Great characters, fun dialog and steamy very steamy love-making.

I loved this story; I am a fan of stories with angels and demons maybe because the game they is usually dirty and most times sinful. The connection between these two characters makes this read even hotter, Rose’s submission to Skiker is HOT, and his domination over her senses and body is very skilful and kinky. I was enthralled by his skills and his ability to narrow the thin line between pain and pleasure and how this brought them both to blissful culmination. I am in-lust with this book, break the norm and read some kinky love between a half angel and a full demon. You will not regret it.


Do I recommend this book? Oh Yes!

Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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