Review: Deception (Infidelity, #3) by Aleatha Romig

Review: Deception (Infidelity, #3) by Aleatha RomigDeception by Aleatha Romig
Published by Romig Works Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
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Lennox ‘Nox’ Demetri and Alexandria ‘Charli’ Collins had every intention of following their agreement but rules are made to be broken. In CUNNING they are reunited with Nox setting down new rules for the game and Charli having no choice but to follow them.

Now, once again, the game has changed. Nox and Charli’s hot sensual encounter has grown into something more but it is threatened with secrets and regrets. Is it their love and intense sexual chemistry that’s pushing them together or something darker, a puppetmaster behind the scenes pulling the strings on their love affair?

Shadowy villains lurk around each corner and everyone is suspect as Nox’s and Charli's pasts collide with the present and threaten to compel them back to their predestined fates.

REVIEW: While I was not overwhelmingly in-love with the first two installment in the series, Deception brought back the WOW factor I always expect from Aleatha’s stories and writing. Deception starts right where Cunning left off, Charli has received a letter warning her of Nox’s past and what kind of consequences could come if she stays with him.
Charli & Nox have a lot of ground to cover in their relationship, the previous installment was almost a test to their relationship, having both go through so much with the break-in and now with the exposure of Nox’s past and the death of his wife.

Aleatha has yet again given us a gripping 3rd installment where characters have layers and layers of things to overcome. Trust has been an issue between Nox & Charli – and though Charli knows or at least thinks Nox incapable of hurting anyone she still doesn’t know what his guilt over his ex-wife’s death means. I have enjoyed these installment so far, Aleatha has managed to give us a very intricate and layered story where characters have to fight their way into each other’s heart while sharing wild emotions and deep connections. While these characters try to overcome adversity, love keeps growing in the background, understanding is making its way into their relationship and passion keeps igniting their feelings.

Aleatha explores Charli’s fears beautifully, but without taking away her courage and individuality. Charli keeps fighting her way out of her family’s tight grip, even when she knows that by abandoning her mother she may be sacrificing her. These characters are very complex, their voices strong and their dialog feels realistic. Deception deals more with than the trust issues that seems to widen between Nox & Charli – however as these two characters know more of each other their willingness to accept each others’ flaws seems to dim their insecurities.

Deception deeply explores these characters emotions and lack of thereof, but it also explains inhibitions of a mother who took a long time to decide when to act regardless of the consequences of her actions and lack thereof. The author manages yet again to tell and show us what power does and how it corrupts to the very core. These characters shows us that no matter how much they fight for what’s right and truthful, there will always be consequences to every action, every word, ever decision.

Aleatha has written a very powerful story that explores the very nature of human’s greed for power and money. She has given us also a very wonderful love story that tries to defy adversity while also giving us a glimpse into a mother’s inability to accept her mistakes all the while trying to correct a past that has only set precedence for a dark future. Deception isn’t about Nox & Charlie, it is about a mother’s actions and discoveries, about a friends betrayal & about a father’s greed.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES
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