Review: Crave & Seduce (The Dining Club Part #3 & 4) by Marina Anderson

Title:  Crave: The Dining Club: Part Three
Author: Marina Anderson
Series: Crave: The Dining Club: Part Three
Source: NetGalley/Publisher in exchanged for an unbiased review.
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Description: Grace has had her first taste of the Dining Club . . . and she’s already addicted. Now, as she counts down the days until her next erotic challenge at the Club, she can’t stop thinking about David’s stamina and the earth-shattering pleasures that await her.  When a stunning red dress arrives from David, Grace feels more ready than ever to meet the Club’s next test. But the new challenge that awaits her is more dangerous than decadent-dazzling Club member Amber is more eager than ever to win David’s affection, and Grace must do whatever it takes to keep him.


REVIEW: Crave is part three of the Dining Club serial and as Grace’s adventure and sexual discovery continues so does her insecurities and sense of dread. Crave brings us a more in-tune Grace, she is getting used to the idea that her boyfriend is not a typical man, his need and desires are a darkness that she can’t help but to feel intrigue. She is also discovering not only the desires of the man she loves but surprisingly she is also discovering her own sense of adventure and sexual awakening. I think this serial is getting better, not only I like how Grace is becoming more aware of her sexuality I also enjoy how she is questioning the nature of her relationship with David. The new experiences are creating a craving that Grace can’t help but to look forward to with every visit, her senses are awaken and the eroticism of those encounters are something that bring her not only pleasure but it is also bringing her to discover the thin line that exist between pain and pleasure.

Seduce is part four of the kindle serial. In this part of the Dining Club serial, Grace is introduced to even more ways of pleasure, her mind as well as her body is brought to new highs. While I do love and enjoy the scenes I sometimes wonder where would Grace draw the line, it is clear that even though she loves and enjoy everything she is experiencing the uncertainty and feeling of dread she feels about not being able to pass these test are putting too much pressure on her and her relationship with David. She starts to questions how far can she go, how much does he love her, why would he put her in trough these situations if he really loved her, why would he not show or say that he loves her.  Grace is enjoying everything she is experiencing and at times finds herself daydreaming about the next time she visits The Dining Club and why would she not, The Dining Club has open the door to a world of sexuality she
never knew existed. Not only is she finding out what makes her body responds and tick, she is also enjoying the dark pleasure that exist in pain.

The Dining Club serial is getting hotter and hotter, it is also getting intense. Grace is discovering that through sex and eroticism there is a new sense of belonging, she knows the danger of losing David lurks in the shadow of the The Dining Club. Grace finds more than sex in the dining club, she also finds temptation and a need she didn’t know it exist. Andrew, is so hot I can’t wait to see more of his skills, and even though I am not fond of Amber I think she is the perfect opposite to Grace. I can’t wait to see what she is planning for Grace, her failure is Amber’s success and she will do whatever necessary to keep The Dining Club and David in her bed. I am enjoying everything that is being happening, the plan for a betrayal, Amber’s jealousy and evil plan to make Grace fail and David’s inability to accept his feelings for Grace. I am looking forward to the next installments “Touch – Part Four” & Caress – Part Six” of The Dining Club.

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