Review: Blood & Ice (Silk & Steel Series) by Ariana Nash/Pippa DaCosta

Review: Blood & Ice (Silk & Steel Series) by Ariana Nash/Pippa DaCostaBlood & Ice by Ariana Nash
Series: Silk & Steel #3
Published by Crazy Ace Publishing on Oct 4, 2019
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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An elven assassin. A dragon prince.
Three days they had together.
Three days was not enough.

There’s a traitor among the elves. A traitor who will stop at nothing to see Eroan pay for the crime of loving a dragon, and Eroan Ilanea will pay with blood.

Lysander has never been free to choose his fate. That is about to change. Finally, he learns what it means to be emerald, but knowledge is power, and power whispers its seductive curse into the ear of a broken prince.

Elf and dragon.
Leaders, lovers, fighters.
Fates entwined.

But as the dragonkin rise under a new king, will Eroan's and Lysander's boundless love save the world or destroy it forever?

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  • Characters
  • Romance
  • Narrative
  • World Building
  • Heat Level
REVIEW: When I first discovered this series I was very excited. I love stories with elves and even more so if they have dragons. The premise of the story is a fascinating ordeal where humans, elves, and dragons fight for survival and domination.

But as the series come close to a conclusion one can’t help but wish there was more to this wonderful & epic adventure. Blood & Ice was a fantastic installment & a beautiful conclusion to Eroan & Lysander’s love story. As the story transitions from Iron & Fire to Blood & Ice the story continues,  humans, elves & dragons are still in an epic fight but this time domination is not the main focus, but survival is.

Eroan, one of the last elven assassins is respected for his skills and for his ability to deliver death swiftly and effectively. But his ability to deliver the death of the dragon prince has been put in doubt and as a consequence, he has suffered a terrible loss. But as Eroan endure humiliation and pain, he slowly discovers that his love for Lysander the prince dragon is not only eternal, but it is real and all he needs in his world.

As the conflict and fight between elves, humans & dragons continue, treason, hate & deceit are just around the corner. As one of them betrays Eroan’s friendship he has no choice but to make hard decisions even if the implications are far greater than he expects.

As loyalties are put to the test, new friendships develop. Those who were once considered the enemy have become part of the alliance to deliver the final blow that will eliminate the dragons as the thread they impose even if it means breaking alliances & betraying their own race.

I loved every minute of this fantastic & romantic story. There was so much angst and heartache. The loss came from all angles and everyone suffered, but at the end of the epic fight, love found its way into the lives of these characters and while they lost themselves at times they found their way into the light again. I absolutely loved everything about the series, the characters are beautifully crafted and the story brings a perfect balance between action, adventure, romance & lust.

The writing is addictive, and these characters are fascinating. Each of them delivers a different angle which makes this story even more engaging. While the author did not go into individual stories, enough was given to create a sense of fellowship that brought them together for a common cause. I enjoyed the relationship Eroan established with the humans, they brought a sense of perseverance and unity that seems characteristic while also showing a side of the dragon race that defies their nature.

If you are looking for a series that delivers good action, beautiful prose and fantastic characters then look no further. Silk & Steel is the series to read, the characters are mature and grounded and the story is heartbreaking and fascinating. I can’t wait for what’s next in this world of dragons, elves & humans. I am looking forward to The Black Prince, and I can’t wait for it to be as epic as Blood & Ice was. You can read my reviews of Silk & Steel & Iron & Fire here.

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Do I recommend this Blood & Ice? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!
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