Review: Bits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer

Review: Bits & Pieces by Dawn HosmerBits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer
Series: +++
Published by Ant Colony Press on November 30, 2018
Genres: Paranormal
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to sexual content & adult theme. Abuse, violence & attempted rape.

A chance encounter with a stranger traps Tessa within the mind of a madman.

Tessa was born with a gift. Through a simple touch she picks up pieces of others. A “flash” of color devours her—the only indication that she’s gained something new from another person. Red equals pain; purple, a talent; yellow, a premonition; orange, a painful memory; and blue, a pleasant one. Each flash blurs the lines between her inherent traits and those she’s acquired from others. Whenever she gains bits of something new, she loses more pieces of herself.

While assisting in search efforts for a local missing college student, Tessa is paralyzed by a flash that rips through her like a lightning bolt, slicing apart her soul. A blinding light takes away her vision. A buzzing louder than any noise she’s ever heard overwhelms her, penetrates her mind. As the bolt works its way through her body, images and feelings from someone else take over. Women’s dead eyes stare at her as her hands encircle their throats. Their screams consume her mind. Memories of the brutal murders of five women invade her.

Will she be able to find the killer and help save the next victim? Can she do so without completely losing herself?

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Romance
  • Narrative
  • World Building
  • Suspense

REVIEW: Bits & Pieces is Dawn Hosmer’s first book, but her writing can easily be compared to those of seasoned writers such a Dean Koontz & Sandra Brown.

As we start reading, we are introduced to Tess, a woman with a strange ability. One that has interfered with her chances at a normal life since she was a child. An ability that does not allow her to get close to anyone. As Tess starts relating some of her struggles we soon learn that her ability manifests at any time regardless of where she is or who she touches.

While the story isn’t gruesome, it has scenes with terrifying details that will creep deep into your soul and the twists and turns will leave you asking for more. The story is well written and the plot develops at a fantastic pace. In a way that seem unique to Hosmer, she brings to life a character that is as fascinating as she is vulnerable. She does a superb job creating a psychological makeup of Tess’s ability as well as the killer without minimizing Tess struggles or making the killer the focal point. 

Bits & Pieces is a fascinating story, with details that can bring anyone to their knees and with a twisted plot that will leave you guessing. The story follows realistic and believable circumstances in which a crime can happen without leaving any clues and only leaving behind questions, pain, and sadness. The author did a fantastic job going deep into the psychological aspect of this story and how Tess’s world came crashing down. The scenes were intricate, complex and fascinating. Tess’s struggles to differentiate between herself and the killer were flat out extraordinary. Add to that complexity the paranormal aspect, and you are left with an unputdownable story of immeasurable spins of fun, macabre intentions & twisted results.

I am afraid to go into more details, if I give any more information I will not be able to stop. But let’s just say that Tess story can grip at the heart and throat  so strongly that will leave you gasping for air. Grab a copy of this book right now, you will not regret it. Before you decide to buy/read this book – look at the trigger warnings above.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES!
Can’t wait to read it? Buy it now!

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