Review: The Alien’s Prize (Warriors of Luxiria) by Zoey Drave

Review: The Alien’s Prize (Warriors of Luxiria) by Zoey DraveThe Alien's Prize by Zoey Draven
Published by Amazon on February 21, 2017
Genres: Romance, Sci Fi
Format: eBook
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Kate Harper finally had everything going on back on Earth: her dream job, a kickass best friend, and an apartment completely void of her cheating ex. That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club known as the Pit. Worse? Aliens fight to the death to be able to claim their prize: human pleasure mates. Even worse? She realizes she’s one of them.

Vaxa’an, the Prime Leader of Luxiria, has a duty to his warrior species: continue their race. Infamously ruthless and deadly, the Luxirian knows he’ll have no trouble claiming a Breeder at the Pit. What he doesn’t expect to find is his fated mate, with her lush curves and tempting body. And he will stop at nothing to claim her.

When Kate becomes the warrior alpha’s prize, her only goal is getting back to the life she was taken from. Certainly not to fall for the sexy, overbearing barbarian with a wicked tongue, who is determined to make her his own…

REVIEW: I am completely and utterly hooked on Zoey’s writing and her Warriors of Luxiria series. I have found my new obsession. The Alien’s Prize is book #1 in the Warrior Of Luxiria series and as such it sets the foundation for future installments.

When Kate comes to the realization that she is not on earth, the last thing she wanted to admit to is that she has been kidnapped by aliens. That by admitting so she is accepting it, and accepting what’s happening to her is not an option, even if its happening. What’s worse yet, she is naked, she has been kidnapped, chained and is on board of a spaceship.  Kate find herself in a place that’s not her own, a place she doesn’t recognize and surrounded by women she has never met.

Among the chaos Kate witness gore and death and things she never considered existed. While she slowly comes to terms that she is not longer on earth, she has to accept that what she witnesses is not a dream and that she may not come out of this in one piece. As the fight and the gore reveal in front of her, she is curious as to what is happening and the why she is there, and as the fight starts her eyes travel to the big alien fighting to their death with the purpose to win the prize, to win Kate.

I found myself glued to this book and not being able to stop until the very end. This book was entertaining, sexy with a hint of humor and flat out HOT alien alphas.

As the story developes we get to know Kate, a smart, sweet, and very mature woman who can’t believe the mess she is in. We also come to meet her alien, a creature whose loyalty, strenght and love for her will serve to make her life more interesting while also making it hard for her to make decisions.

This story is both romantic and extremely hot, these characters try to make the best of their situation while also trying to come to terms with the attraction they feel for each other. As Kate comes to term with her new reality, her body and heart seem to take a liking for that big alien male, but Kate doesn’t let her desires dictate her actions.

Vaxa’an on the other hand struggles to maintain a level head when it comes to Kate, his senses and body crave for his mate but as he learn to read Kate’s responses to him he has to learn patience while trying to convince Kate to give into her desires, to the reality that they are meant to be together.

The Alien’s Prize is a great fast pace sci fi romance that keep you craving for more. As these two characters learn about each other and try to control the pull and attraction they feel, drama arises but not before they fall into each other’s arms.

Do I recommend this book? YES
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