Review: Acquisitions (Strictly Business Book 2) by Tania Joyce

Review: Acquisitions (Strictly Business Book 2) by Tania JoyceAcquisitions by Tania Joyce
Series: Strictly Business
Published by Gatwick Genres: Contemporary Romance
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A new start. A short term project. That’s all it was meant to be.

Losing his wife in a car accident has left Troy Smith doubtful of ever finding love again. He’s tried, but failed. Now he thinks he’s found solace as a hard-working business partner at Gumtrees Winery.

Kelleigh Johnstone needs a break from dealing with the mess and debt her fraudulent ex-boyfriend left behind. The opportunity to manage a project in the Hunter Valley seems like the perfect escape.

When these two strangers meet, a one-night stand delivers unexpected surprises. Troy is shocked when he finds out Kelleigh represents the company trying to purchase his vineyard for a new golf resort. In order to protect his home and community, Troy must do whatever it takes to stop the project from proceeding.

Kelleigh and Troy may be on opposite sides of the boardroom table, but when they are together the attraction is hard to deny. With livelihoods at stake and broken hearts vulnerable, who will risk everything for another chance at love?

REVIEW: Acquisitions is book #2 in The Strictly Business series by Tania Joyce and just as in book #1 the story took me by surprise.  Acquisitions is the kind of story readers can easily related, not because its extraordinarily represents the life we would have lived but because it addresses many things about a woman’s life that can easily be accepted and validated by everyday  experiences.

This story is told from a dual point of view, Troy Smith who we first met in Propositions but whose character wasn’t deeply exploit and Kelleigh Johnstone an intelligent and beautiful woman who has had her share of broken heart. The story starts as we are introduced to Kelleigh living with her sister after her boyfriend broke not just her heart but also her trust by robbing her of her money and leaving her in serious debt.  This story as many others explores the feelings and emotions that comes after a breakup but that’s as far as the similarities go.

The story develops slowly, but right away we are giving a glimpse into Kelleigh’s emotions. She is living with her sister while at the same time packing to move out in an attempt to re-inventing her life. Her new job brings an opportunity that she didn’t want to refuse, a trip that will help her see her life from a new perspective and perhaps give her the chance to a new start. While Kelleigh isn’t necessarily thrilled to leaving her pregnant sister for long,  she understand that this job brings new opportunities and if she wants to get out of the hole her ex-boyfriend left her in she must do whatever necessary to make this new job work.  As the story progress we see Kelleigh experience uncertainty and desperation, emotions that she has come to expect after all she went through with her ex, however when she finds herself in a precarious situation her salvation come in the shape of a very sexy country man. Troy is slowly getting to that place in his life where he is comfortable, and after being hurt by the death of his wife he certainly isn’t thinking about love and the complications that comes with it. When he comes across Kelligh he isn’t certain of what to do, he sees her in trouble and he is immediately compelled to help her. After these two characters meet their attraction is mutual, and though they look for the opportunity to have some fun, their reality will get in the way and slowly things start to turn into something more than a one night stand.

I enjoyed these characters interaction, their dialog, their banter and their flirting though not extremely sexy they did however managed to be sweet. Troy has all the good qualities readers look to find in their perfect hero and Kelleigh can easily represent the stubborn, intelligent and hands on heroine we love to meet.  Acquisition explores these characters and their struggle to moving on, their struggles to trust and their struggles to loving someone deeply and entirely. The author digs deep in Kelleigh’s fears while at the same time explores Troy’s reluctance to giving into his desires and needs. The author creates conflicts by exposing these characters to situations that go beyond their control while also setting a backstory that brings these characters closer.  Acquisition is a sweet, sexy and tender read that explores characters emotions while also exploiting their fear to experiencing a passion that only comes from true love while also opening their heart to trust, honesty and devotion.

Do I recommend this book? YES!
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