Review: Abducted (The Alien Mate Index) by Evangeline Anderson

Review: Abducted (The Alien Mate Index) by Evangeline AndersonAbducted by Evangeline Anderson
Series: The Alien Mate Index
Published by Evangeline Anderson Books Genres: Sci Fi, Steamy Romance
Format: eBook
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My name is Zoe McKinley. I have a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at my head. What could be worse?  How about being abducted by Aliens?

Being dragged through a mirror, naked and screaming, onto an extraterrestrial ship was bad. Finding out I had been sold to a huge alien male who looks like the Devil was worse. But learning he wanted to trade me to an intergalactic petting zoo was the worst of all!

Now I'm whizzing through the galaxy with a robot butler, a trio of nib-nibs (they're like tiny green monkeys) and one huge, muscular, and very grumpy alien. The clothing they gave me shows all my lady-bits, the food-sim makes banana cream pie that tastes like sauerkraut, and Sarden, my captor, is too hot to stay mad at, even if he is a jerk.

In fact, I think I might be falling for him.  What's a girl to do? It's all in a day's work when you've been... Abducted.

REVIEW: Abducted is book 1 in The Alien Mate Index by Evangeline Anderson. As usual Evangeline Anderson writes witty, sexy and hot alien stories that bring so much to the table. While her Brides of The Kindred series stole my heart with the promise of steamy nights, The Alien Mate Index promises to melt your heart without an apology.

Abducted starts by introducing us to Zoe McKinley, a sweet and funny young woman whose life is very ordinary and somewhat boring. Her job is monotonous and her boss is a maniac with little to no consideration for Zoe. Not only does she have to take his insufferable treatment for her but she also has to endure his bad hygiene.  Things don’t get any better for Zoe, it is until her boss throws a staples to her head that Zoe decides enough is enough and runs to tell her friends what has happened to her. This is when the story takes a turn that sets the foundation for what happens next.

I really enjoyed this story, Zoe is one of those sweet characters one can’t help but to like from the moment we meet her. Anderson has always managed to write sweet and loving characters while also giving them an edge, her heroines while are mostly damsel in distress, they also carried themselves with individuality,intelligence and courage that makes them unique. Abducted gave us just that, Zoe is everything I expected from Anderson’s stories.

Sarden is a half breed and as such he has spent his life as a recluse, away from the sister he loves. It is because of that sister that he embarks into an adventure that will bring him to Zoe. He is sensitive, courageous, loving and very very sexy. In his need to save his sister from the hands of an auctioneer he employees the help of a group of aliens who are harvesting human females (abducting) to sell for profit – since some earth women decent from the creators some possess very interesting powers that can be and are very desirable by many different alien races. It is during one of those transactions with The Alien Mate Index group that he finds Zoe – she is the salvation and precious cargo he needs to get this sister back.

Overall, Abducted is a very sexy, angst filled Sci Fi Romance that brings  a lot of fun and sexy times to the table. I enjoyed how the relationship between Zoe and Sarden developed, though there was attraction, these two characters started slowly working towards what it was inevitable to avoid, a sexual attraction that grew by every minute they spent together and it blossom into a beautiful love story.

Do I recommend this book? YES

Can’t wait to read it? buy it now!

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