Review: A Taste Of You by Sorcha Grace

Title: A Taste of You (The Epicurean Series)
Author: Sorcha Grace
Series: The Epicurean Series
Source: NetGalley in exchanged for an unbiased review
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: Beautiful and talented Catherine Kelly is starting over as a food photographer in Chicago. With her painful past buried over 2000 miles away, she’s focused on her career and is hungry for little else. Until she meets a wealthy bachelor with arresting blue-grey eyes filled with enough tragedy to match her own. William Lambourne is a gourmand who takes great pleasure in food and in women. He’s rich, powerful, and gorgeous — and as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom. From the moment they meet, William is determined to discover the perfect recipe to unlock Cat’s resolve, awaken her senses, and make her his own. He urges Catherine to step out from behind her camera and fully taste all that life has to offer, stirring an appetite in her she never knew she possessed – and it’s one only he can satisfy. As Catherine begins to fall for the stormy-eyed billionaire, she knows she must reveal her own dark secrets. But first, William must win Cat’s heart to ensure their pasts don’t undo them.

REVIEW: When I saw this book available in NetGalley I fell for the title. I mean how can you not? And the cover? A total turn on, now the story isn’t so bad either. This is an orgasmic combination of  amazing foods & dirty talk  making this story sinfully delicious.

It is said that a good dancer is usually a fantastic lover, I can only assume it is because of the dedication put into every move she/he makes. How you ever wonder how great of a lover can a good cook be?  William Lambourne is rich, possessive, dominating and he is also a fantastic cook. He is sexy, beautiful and all around a sex god. The things he does with his hands, and mouth are only heightened by the food he makes. His empire pretty much owns half of Chicago and his latest investment puts him face to face with Catherine Kelly.

I liked A Taste Of You for a few reasons and not just because the sex was hot, because believe me it was steamy hot but because it showed us that very powerful men can be sensitive, loving and very good  in the kitchen. While William has everything he can probably need his soul and heart are craving for the love of a woman that makes him feel different and what he finds in Catherine is everything he didn’t think was possible to find. Catherine moved to Chicago trying to leave behind the pain from her husband death. She thought that by moving to Chicago the pain, the guilt & the blame would be forgotten. As a photographer she had made a name for herself while she lived in Hawaii – but now in Chicago she needed to reinvent herself as a food photographer, what she didn’t know was that the job that would open the doors to an awesome career as a food photographer in Chicago would also open the door to a world full of possibilities with a man she never dream of meeting.

I liked William & Cat – I think that even though there are similarities with other stories out there the author does a good job creating some uniqueness to set these two characters aside. While William may be seem as another Christian Grey, rich and powerful with desires of dominating I think that’s exactly where their similarities end. William didn’t suffer from abuse, but suffer from great loss. While his need to dominate Cat was always present the need was merely a need of his heart trying to compensate for his inability to find solace after his childhood loss. He was sensitive, sweet and understanding. He was attentive and all around a gentleman, not to mention he used food to entice, seduce and induce orgasms, and that in my book is awesome. Though I would’ve liked Cat to be a bit less indecisive and perhaps a bit more mature and daring I think she was overall a good female heroine. I think her inexperience made her charming and likeable. The sex was extremely hot and detailed, making me want to jump my husband a few times. I liked the combination of power, hot sex and great food. Food as a means to seduction and hot sex? I am in! Sorcha Grace is an author you want to keep an eye on.


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  • Loved the review! I’ll be adding it to my TBR pile 🙂

    Michelle (MsRomanticReads) 06/28/2013 12:17 pm Reply
    • There is a scene in the kitchen that totally made this book worth reading!

      sinfulreads 06/28/2013 12:32 pm Reply

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