REVIEW: A Beautiful Risk (Love at Lincolnfield Series) by Colette Dixon

REVIEW: A Beautiful Risk (Love at Lincolnfield Series) by Colette DixonA Beautiful Risk by Colette Dixon
Series: Love at Lincolnfield Series #1
Published by Caleo Press on August 13, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: ARC
Source: Author
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She's the hospital's HR director. He's the new risk manager. He's also her wildest fantasy...

Is her wildest fantasy worth the risk?

A fantasy about a stranger who kissed her in the thermal baths helps Passi overcome the climax-killing side effects of the medication she needs to deal with the loss of her little boy. When the same man becomes the hospital’s new risk manager, and she sends him an email meant for her best friend detailing the fantasy, things begin to heat up in a way she never expected.

Single dad, Magnus, is intrigued by the woman at the baths and even more so when he discovers he was responsible for her breakthrough climax. But she’s now his HR director, and the reason she needs the medication means she won’t date guys like him. Their desire must remain in the realm of her fantasy letters unless she can risk her heart on all he has to offer.

A Beautiful Risk is the first book in the Love at Lincolnfield series, heart-warming, hot page turners about the love lives of men and women who work at a Chicago hospital. Read them all in any order.

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Review: A Beautiful Risk is the first book I read by Colette Dixon and it certainly will not be the last. This is a story that beautifully explores two character’s passion while also confronting head-on the issues that plague them.

Passi is a woman who has suffered incredible pain, the loss of her son in an accident broke her heart and also her ability to see a future in which she is happy once again. Her heart cemented the pain she felt after losing her beloved child making it impossible for her to be able to move on beyond the routine of work. Even when the time has passed Passi can’t get past her pain and the loss. There are things Passi isn’t willing to compromise on, she knows her heart is vulnerable and that’s why she doubts herself when her heart is awakened by Magnus.

Magnus is a man with a broken heart but he is willing to do everything necessary to mend it. He understands that his heart is ready to love again but he isn’t willing to sacrifice his song’s heart in the process.

When these two characters meet, the attraction is mutual. Magnus awakens feelings and emotions in Passi’s heart that she thought she never would feel again. But while she is eager to explore them she isn’t willing to sacrifice her sanity. She has set boundaries and limitations as to whom she may get involved with and how far she is willing to go. Magnus, on the other hand, is wide open to love and the only thing he isn’t willing to do is to give up.

A Beautiful Risk is a beautiful story of second chances, where characters are faced with deep and heartbreaking situations and where sometimes the solution to their troubles is simply the willingness to open your heart to healing and love. I enjoyed the story very much, both Passi & Magnus gave us a good view of their state of mind and how each of them dealt with painful situations. We learned Passi’s feelings were at times at war with her common sense because while she knew she felt deeply for Magnus, her heart wasn’t ready to open up to what she felt. For Passi, accepting her feelings was another way of accepting it was time to move on,  and she felt she wasn’t ready to face the reality of heartbreak.

The author did a superb job creating a story that was both sexy and heartfelt. She pushed their limits and set off their ability to back away from each other by crafting steaming hot chemistry that could not be denied. A Beautiful Risk should be added to your reading list right now.

Do I recommend this book? YES YES YES
Can’t wait to read it? It is out now!

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