Part 3: Book Tour: Kindred Blood Trilogy by Amber Riley – Interview & Giveaway

This is part 3 of our 3 parts series interview and giveaway of the Kindred Blood Trilogy by Amber Riley.  Get to know her a little better and get teased with a blurb & excerpt from book 3 of the Kindred Blood Trilogy.

Thank you Amber for being so gracious and accepting this interview. This post completes our 3 parts interview.  The giveaway winner will be picked on May 1st and posted on  ReadingDiva’s Facebook Page and Amber Riley’s Kindred Blood Trilogy Facebook Page. Thank you again ! – Bellow you will find a book blurb and an excerpt teaser


Amber Riley has enjoyed writing short stories since childhood and is happiest with a cat in her lap. Born and raised in Central New York, she is currently living in Germany with her new son and husband, a Seabee with the US Navy.

Interview Part 3

RDIf you could have a super power which would it be?

Amber R – Teleportation would be awesome.

RD-  Vampire or Wolf?

Amber R- Vampire, for sure.

RD – Who would you cast for your main male & female character?

Amber R – This is so hard! For Kaden, I would want Henry Cavill. I have no idea about Lyn, but Taylor Momsen would play a perfect Flo.

RD – Comedy or Drama?

Amber R – Drama.

RD – Favorite color?

Amber R -Purple.

RD- Favorite author?

Amber R– I don’t really have a favorite author set in stone. There are far too many good ones out there to chose. I would have to say Becca Fitzpatrick though, because I would read any book if I saw she wrote it.

RD – What inspires you?

Amber R – Music. Movies. Other works of fiction. Sometimes just getting out of the house is inspiring.



Title:  The Land of Tears – Book 3
Series: Kindred Blood
Author:  Amber Riley
Publisher:  Self
Length:  Approx. 50,000 words
Genre:  YA Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Where to buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

BLURB: Spain is the one place Kaden never planned to see again. Years after he escaped the master vampire, he has never looked back—until now. As he stands before enemy vampires and werewolves, he knows that determination is the only thing that can save Lyn from her captives. Everything Kaden has worked so hard for has to be forgotten. He must become a ruthless killer once again.

After everything Kaden has done to remain free, he has purposely walked back into his old life, leaving his friends behind in order to protect them. Now, in the midst of a bad game of hide and seek with Phoenix, Kaden must fool everyone into thinking he has returned for all the right reasons. But Phoenix is not easily swayed. He still resents Kaden for leaving and letting Tobias out of his tomb. Kaden is running out of time. If his plan fails, there will never be another opportunity.

In the third tale of the Kindred Blood series, a young life depends on whether Kaden can convince Phoenix and his fellow vampires to trust him. One way or another, things are about to end where they all began.”


The headlights of a Volkswagen blinked at me once. I approached the car and bent to the driver’s side window. “Hey, Max.”

“Hello,” he replied slowly. He turned in his seat to look behind him. “Gabriel, are you sure about this?”

“We talked it through last night,” he said softly. “It will be fine.”

Max sighed. “Just remember what they said.” When Gabriel didn’t answer, he continued on. “Your brother has been filled in, like you asked. But please stick to the plan. I don’t want to make that phone call.”

Gabriel’s pale hand reached for the handle. I quickly opened the car door and helped him onto the street. “I am perfectly clear on what is going to happen.”

Max said a few lines in Italian. Gabriel smiled and replied. I didn’t know what they said, but it seemed important. The look Max gave me before driving away was unreadable, but it was clear that our relationship hinged on how the night ended.

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