News & Giveaway: SHADOW OF NIGHT by Deborah Harkness

 SHADOW OF NIGHT by Deborah Harkness, the #1 New York Times bestselling sequel to
A Discovery of Witches, is out in paperback on May 28!

Not only have nearly 1.5 million of these two books combined sold in the U.S., but a film is in development from Warner Bros. That’s awesome because I know a lot of people who have loved both books. I will be reading A Discovery of Witches this week, I am looking forward to it, it was highly recommended. I was lucky enough to win a copy in a giveaway.

SHADOW OF NIGHT picks up exactly where A Discovery of Witches left off: Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont, a witch historian and vampire geneticist respectively, have timewalked to Elizabethan England on their hunt for a magical alchemical manuscript, Ashmole 782—its sudden appearance and sudden disappearance have upended the delicately ordered world of magical creatures (witches, vampires, and daemons), threatening to unleash unprecedented metaphysical chaos.

Now onto the good stuff, Penguin has kindly donated a book (paperback) and these alchemical symbol buttons for the giveaway — this giveaways is for USA participants ONLY.



Copy of the book with 6 buttons (one of each design) to the winner.


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  • not yet, but I want to

    Tracy Webb 06/06/2013 11:20 pm Reply
  • I’m totally new to this environment but I’ve been a book nerd since I learned how to read! My fav is ya paranormal but I’m addicted to books about witches so I totally hope I win 🙂 thank you for the opportunity

    Kristine Lewis 06/01/2013 12:19 am Reply
  • No, I haven’t

    bn100 05/29/2013 11:34 pm Reply
  • I haven’t read A Discovery of Witches yet but it’s been on my to-read list and I love books like that! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

    Stacy Renee 05/29/2013 2:38 pm Reply
  • I did read Discovery of Witches and I loved it! I can’t wait to read Shadow of Night!

    Deleen Fowlks 05/28/2013 12:51 am Reply
  • LOVED Both books so much and I’m so eager for the last book that I can’t wait. I’m hoping against all hopes that we’ll see the third book in our hands by the end of the year.

    Michelle Polk 05/26/2013 5:14 pm Reply
    • I am looking forward to reading both books – thanks for participating!

      readingdiva3 05/27/2013 12:02 am Reply
  • I haven’t read it YET, but I own a copy now, so it’s on my TBR shelf. I’ve heard awesome things, so I’m really looking forward to it : )

    Megan Myers 05/25/2013 11:21 pm Reply
    • Megan I haven’t read them either, but now that I have both I am looking forward to enjoying them! — Good luck!

      readingdiva3 05/27/2013 12:03 am Reply
  • I still need to read book 2. DOW was good but it is a little lengthy and it ended on a cliffhanger. Hope you enjoy it.

    Rainy Ramblings 05/25/2013 10:25 am Reply
    • I haven’t read them, but I am looking forward to it – I was supposed to read book 1 this week but I forgot it at home and didn’t pack it in the luggage like I planned on. 🙁

      readingdiva3 05/27/2013 12:04 am Reply
  • I haven’t read anything com this author yet.
    Thanks 🙂
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

    Anonymous 05/25/2013 7:22 am Reply
    • good luck!

      readingdiva3 05/27/2013 12:04 am Reply

    Shelley Summers 05/24/2013 10:38 pm Reply
  • I absolutely LOVED Shadow of Night!!!! Amazing series! Cannot Wait for the next book!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Mick Murphy 05/24/2013 9:21 pm Reply
  • I loved loved loved Discovery of Witches!! Can’t wait to read sequel!

    Dawn Bush 05/24/2013 9:14 pm Reply
  • I loved Discovery … and have been waiting to read the sequel.

    Mary Woods 05/24/2013 7:24 pm Reply
  • No, I haven’t read it. It is on my wishlist.

    Crystal Broyles 05/24/2013 4:13 pm Reply
  • Loved LOVED it

    rl 05/24/2013 1:16 pm Reply
  • i read it and loved it so much

    Victoria Barton 05/24/2013 12:50 pm Reply

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