New Year Resolution: Read More…


As the year comes to an end I have decided to make reading a priority for 2013,  but to do so I must make a few changes. I have decided to do the following…

1 – Create lists: This will allow me to divide my never-ending reading list into segments. If I create lists I will be able to see what I have meant to read but I haven’t gotten to it because it has either gotten lost in the pile or I haven’t set it as a priority.

2 – Create collections. The criteria will allow me to check-off books that are part of a series, what I have read and what I have missed from a particular author.

3 – Create alerts: Because I am so bad with keeping up with all the authors Facebook pages I will create alerts using Google news alert.That way I will get the latest news directly to my phone/iPad.

4 – Read 2 books a week. I have a full-time job and I run a small business on the side. I am always very busy and though I love reading I not always have time to read. I will find a way to dedicate any free time I have between work and personal time to reading.

5 – Posting reviews: I usually post my reviews on Goodreads and my blog(s). But most times than not I forget to post them to Amazon. I will make sure that all of the posts go simultaneously. I will also try to write all my reviews right after reading the book that way I don’t forget details and scenes that I may want to mention on my review. I will also change the way I review, I will go into more details of the story, this may cause a spoiler roller-coaster!.

6 – Read more Fantasy: Though it is one of my favorite genres I haven’t read much of it since Harry Potter. I am making this a priority!

7 – Write:  I started writing a story during NaNoWrimo 2012. I participated and won, but I didn’t do much after I was done. I am making 2013 my writing year 🙂 I will complete my story/book.


What is/are your New Year Resolution(s)?

Books I am looking forward to reading in 2013…

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