July Dystopia Month – Book Feature & Author: The Scourge by A.G. Henley @AG_Henley

Title: The Scourge
Author: A.G. Henley
Series: ++
Price: $2.99
Where to buy: Amazon | Smashwords


The sighted say the creatures’ bodies are open in patches, weeping pus and thick, dark blood. Their deformed faces are masks of horror. They roam the forest, reeking of festering flesh, consuming anything living. People who survive the attacks become flesh-eaters themselves. Death is better.

Fennel has known all her life that this day would come—the day she would face the Scourge alone. She’s just inherited the duty of collecting fresh water for her people, the Groundlings, who hide in nearby caves when the flesh-eaters swarm through the forest. Fenn is Sightless, which means she should be one of the few who are inexplicably protected from the creatures, but she hasn’t been tested. Until now.

Fenn is less-than-thrilled to rely on a Lofty to help her deliver the water. Peree is surprisingly thoughtful, and he tells distracting stories from before the Fall of Civilization, but he can’t be trusted. The arrogant, tree-dwelling Lofties put arrows in the backs of unsuspecting Groundlings.

When the Scourge lingers, violence erupts between the Groundlings and Lofties. Fenn volunteers to search for a source of water rumored to be free of the flesh-eaters, and Peree secretly joins her on the treacherous journey. What they find shatters all the truths of Fenn’s life.

As open war looms between the Groundlings and Lofties, Fenn must decide what she most wants to protect—her people, her growing love for Peree, or the elusive dream of lasting peace in the forest.


I read The Scourge, I will be posting my review soon, if you are a Dystopia fan then you want to read this book. Expect to be blown away by the amazing characters and their quest for survival. I am amazed about A.G. Henley writing style. If you read this book you will have no choice but to become part of the adventure. Be warned, your heart will undeniably fall in-love with the characters.


A.G. Henley is a clinical psychologist, which means people either tell her their life stories on airplanes, or avoid her at parties when they’ve had too much to drink. Neither of which she minds. When she’s not shrinking heads or reading and writing fiction, she can be found herding her children and their scruffy dog, Guapo, to various activities while trying to remember whatever she’s inevitably forgotten to tell her husband. She lives in Denver, Colorado.


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Reader, book reviewer & blogger, love books and most genre: contemporary romance, fantasy, paranormal, mystery & thrillers, new adult & historical romance. When not working, I like spending my time reading, watching tv with my husband and socializing with my friends.

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