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We all love bikers, and we love them even more when they are hot, sensitive, bossy and great lovers. I am currently reading Own The Wind and I must say, it is the first book I read by Kristen Ashley and it certainly will not be the last. Though I was a bit apprehensive about the whole “biker gang” I admit I am hooked. I love the attitude, the personality and the sexual skills of those boys. I declare myself a fan!

Let’s see what Kristen Ashley has to say about Fire Inside.

SR – Describe FIRE INSIDE in one sentence

KA – I don’t think I can do this! I’m a writer so I have many more words than just one sentence. But if I had a single word that I very much hope readers will feel when they read about two characters they have met before and may have preconceived notions about, that word would be “surprised”. But in a good way!

SR – If you could take one character trait from Lanie and Hop and make them part of you- which would they be? 

KA – From Hop, I’d love to know how to play guitar and be able to sing! From Lanie, well, that’s tough because Lanie does what I would probably do in her situation so she’s already very like me.

SR – Music is a huge part of your life- how does it affect your writing? 

KA – Enormously. Just yesterday I was on my way to a movie and a song came on my shuffle and it hit me as the perfect song to use in an upcoming scene in the book I’m writing. Or there will be songs I run into that fit characters so well, I’ll obsess about them and play them over and over again. I had chosen a song for a scene in the upcoming Colorado Mountain novel, Jagged and when I went through the edits, I had since heard the perfect song for Reece and Zara so I used that instead. And Hop’s song for Lanie is total perfection. And I ran into that song after I’d begun to write the book and Hop had given Lanie her nickname so it took my breath away how that song fit them! I love it when that happens.


There you have it – Kristen Ashely gets inspiration from music and her characters come from her heart. I am having a blast reading Own The Wind (Shy is so freaking hot) he is going to capture your heart and make your undies melt. Thanks Kristen for stopping by today and for giving us the chance to explore the hot and sexy world that was pretty much unknown to many of us, did I tell you I have the hots for Shy?…review of Own The Wind to post Monday. By the way – I already have Fire Inside lined up – You got me?

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