How To Create A Great Fall Reading List

The summer is gone, and so is our summer reading list.  Whether your reading goal is to stimulate your mind, get lost in an adventure or romance, or learn something new, here are a few helpful tips for creating your Fall list.

  • Check your summer reading list: If you have books you have been meaning to read or didn’t get to it, this is probably a good place to start. Go through the pile and make sure you are still interested in reading them. If you are a maniac like me you can divide them by genre or by authors (if you have more than 1 book per author).
  • Look for the type of book you know you will be able to read based on your time availability: If you work long hours I wouldn’t recommend you to read Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows #1, your entire Fall will be spent on this book alone. Look for things that are a quick read yet are interesting and entertaining. Reads such as novellas, short stories, poetry & graphic novels are a good start. Click here to find a really great list of short reads.
  • Ask your friends: when it comes to book recommendations your friends are a great source of information.

If your friends aren’t the reading type, or you want to connect with other people with the same interests check the internet. Visit book review sites or book blog sites such as ReadingDiva’s Blog for information. Other sources such as:

  • Goodreads:  has recently introduced “Recommendations” which is based on your reading history. This is a great source for information, with a worldwide source of reads. It is one of the largest book communities on the web. You can check my Goodreads bookshelf here.
  • TheLibraryThing: Has a community of over a million book lovers. It is available in many languages. The beauty of this site is that you can check for local events where you can experience book discussion, classes, and poetry reading. Neat isn’t it. Check it out here.
  • Their recommendation is based on your most recent book purchase. You can also find good information on books by checking reviews, Listmania, Movers & Shakers. Check it out here.

There are other ways to creating your list. If you want to do more than just gather recommendations, you should check sites such as:

  • BookMooch: lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. Their system is quite simple; there are a few steps to follow however. For more information check
  • Paperback Swap: List books you’d like to swap with other club members. Once a book is requested, mail it to the club member. In return, you may choose from 5,149,101 available books. Books you request are mailed to you for free, no late fees, no hidden charges. This website follows sort of a “recycle” model.  I haven’t try them yet. Check it out here.

Now, you can actually get something/someone to do the searching for you, by typing a word or phrase you may get a list of books that contain those words or phrases in their title. Isn’t that cool?

  • WhatShouldIReadNext: has over 75,000 titles in its databases so far, and it is quite efficient. Check it out here.
  • YourNextRead: Has a nicer interface and some great features like a visual book map and the ability to connect to your Goodreads account. Check it out here.

And now that you have such a great list of tips for creating your Fall reading list, get to it. Once you have found what you want to read organize it, create a list or a kindle collection or add it to a bookshelf. Once you have done that,  you are ready for the Fall. Don’t forget to share your list, post it in a blog, on Facebook and twitter. You can also print it and distribute it within your inner circle for book discussion ideas.

You may be very surprise how much in common you have with other people, invite your friends to participate as well. If you enjoy reading poems, create an event and invite your friends over for poetry reading, gather some cheese and crackers and a few bottle of wine and start reading!

Reading is fun so read on!

Reader, book reviewer & blogger, love books and most genre: contemporary romance, fantasy, paranormal, mystery & thrillers, new adult & historical romance. When not working, I like spending my time reading, watching tv with my husband and socializing with my friends.

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