Holiday Gift Guide: Things Bookworms Love & Appreciate! (Part 1)

These are some of the things I love and know a lot of bookworms would enjoy, appreciate and wish to have this holiday season!.

1. Bookend Zombie
2. Reading Meow
$7.99 + Shipping
3. Book Stamp
4.  Library Card Pillow

The reality is that a lot of times money is an issue and much more so with book bloggers. So I think it is important to keep
a budget in mind. Make a list of things you feel your loved ones will appreciate, but also feel free to replace them with a cheaper yet nice version
of what you wanted to give them.

Bookends are vital to bookworms, we need to keep our babies (books) away from the edge. Bookends not only keep our books right where we want them but they also add a touch of decor.

Pillow are yet another vital part of a bookworm. Pillows are a necessary evil that any reader will agree must be part of your decor, not because they can help your living space look great but because your neck needs it!

Book stamps, if you like me do not enjoy lending books then having a book stamp is MANDATORY. More times than not we end up lending books to friends and family to then struggle to get our books back, often times they argue they bought that book when you know YOU LEND IT TO THEM! – Avoid some stress and buy a book stamp.

**IDEA #1:**
If your budget is almost max out but you want to make your BFF feel especial,  I recommend giving this idea some thought. Buy an inexpensive picture frame (try and see if you can find one at your local 99 cent store). Remove the picture that comes with it, and replace it with your friend’s favorite book quotes by one of his/her favorite characters. To make it extra especial, see if you can print it in a very cool font that enhances the meaning and power of the quote, and on really cool yet cheap paper that you can find in craft stores. Not only will this bring a smile to your BFF’s face, but it will remind her/him that you know exactly what brings joy to her/his heart and  best of all, you remember it!

QUOTE SUGGESTION: We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matter is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” – J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

If you have other suggestions don’t forget to share it in the comment section below!

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