Heads Up: Series Spotlight – Warriors of Luxiria by Zoey Draven

Heads Up: Series Spotlight – Warriors of Luxiria by Zoey DravenAlien's Prize by Zoey Draven
Series: Warriors of Luxiria
Published by Amazon on February 21, 2017
Genres: Erotic Romance, Sci Fi
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Unlimited
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I have fallen victim to the sensuality and erotism of the Warriors of Luxiria. The series by Zoey Draven has taken the genre by storm and she has delivered tremendously.

The Warriors so far, 2 of them have found the mate and in the process, they have given us a taste of what it means to be the woman of a Luxiria Warrior. If you are looking for a hot, fast pace and erotic read then look no further. These aliens are hot, compassionate, understanding, and swoon worthy heroes that will steal your breath away. Can’t wait to start? Then don’t…

Book 1 in the series – Kate is kidnaped and brought to an alien world with alien creatures. Put on display as a prize to the winner of the fight. Find out if her life is in danger or if she gets to go back to earth.

Book 2 in the series – Kate has met the warrior and while she doesn’t understand the attraction she feels for him, she knows that there is a lot more to that warrior than meets the eye. There is a future waiting for her on earth or will she stay?

Book 3 in the series – Beks is a tough girl, but is she tough enough to overcome being kidnapped by not one but 2 different kind of aliens?

The series is hot and these warriors not only have to fight not only their enemies but also the raw and undeniable passion they feel for these females, don’t wait any longer. Dive into the world of Luxiria and be swoon off your feet.

You can buy the first 3 books in the series now…

About the author: Zoey Draven loves sexy, insatiable, alpha aliens and loves to write about them even more. The Alien’s Prize is her debut SFR novel. She also writes steamy contemporary romance under the pen name Emilia Winters (www.EmiliaWinters.com).


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